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Callie Heacock hi, y'all, i am a descendant of Benjamin Holland Epperson, son of Caro and Nancy Neill Epperson, born in amite county, mississippi, about 1824. i am searching for his ancestors prior to his parents. family history says we are scottish, from the Orkney islands at the northern tip of Scotland, descending back to viking roots. not affiliated with David Epperson family or any french Eppersons. Caro is supposed to have had several brothers, Hastings, Asa, Harrison, perhaps more (names are approximate). hope i can find descendants in Texas and Oklahoma, where Ben's children and grandchildren scattered, all the way to California. i am in touch with several Epperson descendants, but none who still carry the surname. hope to hear from some. Benjamin was a lawyer in east Texas, served in the Texas legislature, was elected to U.S. House of Representatives after the War of Northern Aggression, but was not seated because of federal occupation and post-war carpetbagger rules. he came to Texas while it was a republic, friend of Sam Houston. had 5 children. my line is from his marriage to Harriet Amanda Shields. ben died in 1878 or therabouts in Jefferson, Texas. callie heacock
Jun 29, 2008 · Reply