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Biographies & Family Trees

Fitgerald Bios

Find records of Fitgeralds by their first name:

Most Common First Names

  • Mary 9.2%
  • Michael 4.6%
  • James 3.1%
  • Roy 3.1%
  • Thomas 3.1%
  • Alice 3.1%
  • Charles 3.1%
  • Edward 3.1%
  • Peter 3.1%
  • Joseph 3.1%
  • John 1.5%
  • Anna 1.5%
  • Louise 1.5%
  • Herbert 1.5%
  • Joseph w. 1.5%
  • Hanora 1.5%
  • William 1.5%
  • Norah 1.5%
  • David 1.5%
  • Ellen 1.5%

Fitgerald Last Name History & Origin


Name Origin

Nationality & Ethnicity

Early Fitgeralds

These are the earliest records we have of the Fitgerald family.

Fitgerald Death Records & Life Expectancy

According to our database of 34 people with the last name Fitgerald that have a birth and death date listed:

Life Expectancy

63.5 years

Oldest Fitgeralds

These are the longest-lived members of the Fitgerald family on AncientFaces.

Other Fitgerald Records



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Laurie Brodala I am searching for family related to my mom....she came to the US when she was very young and her family stayed behind in Ireland (for reasons unknown to us) Her parents were Gerald and Elizabeth (Nee Cahill) my mother has been in a nursing home for the last three years and currently has bone cancer which is raveging her body...I want her family to know what a wonderful wonderful person she is - if you know ANYONE who has any information, please contact me - thank you so much everyone!
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