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Most Common First Names

  • Rodrigo 12.5%
  • Carlito 12.5%
  • Josie 12.5%
  • Elena 12.5%
  • Epifania 12.5%
  • Crisanto 12.5%
  • Nerio 12.5%
  • Tereso 12.5%

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74.7 years

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Remy Gocotano Sometime between 1840 and 1845, a Chinese trader, Kee Go aka Samaon Goco Tan, and his brother, Eustaquio came and settled in Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines. The Spanish authorities required all inhabitants to adopt and register a Christian name and he officially registered his name as Simeon Gocotano and his brother as Eustaquio.

Simeon met and later married a certain Marcelina Makasling aka Mansing, an Ilocana tobacco trader and were blessed with 16 children 8 boys and 8 girls but 4 girls died in infancy. His brother also got married to a certain Pelagia and had 7 offspring, 3 boys and 4 girls. Simeon and Mansing became one of the richest couple in Moalboal. They owned almost the entire barrio Tunga and even donated more than 2 hectares of land for use as municipal cemetery,which is being used until now. A copy of a very reliable document prepared in November 30, 1913 made available to us by Mr. Francisco R. Gocotano 5th generation of Tula family, proved the authenticity of the allegations. The said document showed the actual partitioning of all the real and other properties of the spouses Simeon and Mansing by their living heirs,namely Pedro, Juan, Donata, Tula, Alejandro,Aleja married to Tabanao,Pelagio, Celia married to Cabaron,Vicente, Anacleto, Macario and Gregorio. Soon after, Alejandro brought his family, lncluding his nephew Bartolome, son of Pedro, to Mindanao and settled in Pikit, Cotabato. He changed the spelling Gocotano to Gokotano argueing that there is no letter C in the Pilipino alphabet.He was the only son who acquired higher degree of formal education having studied priesthood , but was not allowed to complete his studies due to bad family reputation. One of his older brothers was an alleged criminal, and two of his sisters bore children out of wedlock as Mansing did not like her daughters to marry anybody without good family background.Meanwhile Bartolome, son of Pedro, parted ways with the family of Alejandro and settled in Lambayong, Sultan Kudarat.

Other Gokotano/Gocotano clan members soon left Moalboal to look for greener pastures in some other parts of the country and after a span of One Hundred Senventy Five years, more or less, the descendants of the brothers Simeon and Eustaquio have already been scattered throughout the Philippines and some other countries.
Aug 27, 2013 · Reply
Remy Gocotano Simeon and Mansing : 1st generation

Children : 1. Donata 2. Tula 3. Alejandro 4. Macario 5, Pelagio 6. Pedro
7. Juan 8. Anacleto 9. Celia 10. Vicente 11. Aleja 12, Gregorio

1. Donata : Bore a son out of wedlock, married Ramon Ediza : 2nd generation

Children : a. Nemencio Gocotano b. Herecleo Ediza c. Petra Ediza
d. Telesfora Ediza e. Pastor Ediza f. Catalino Ediza
g. Ceferina Ediza
a. Nemencio : married Toyang Gabales : 3rd generation

Children : Nerio Jacinto Catalina Moises Alipio Roma Celedonia

Nerio : married Epifania Dolohan : 4th generation
Children : Elena Rody Sr Carlito Jose Sr

Elena :married Amado Jadormeo : 5th generation

Children : Luzviminda Elizabeth Joy Dodong Tata Doel

Rody Sr : married Remy Jabungan : 5th generation

Children : Roel Glocel Glovie Rody Jr Bryan May-May Mafie

Carlito : married Rosario Vito : 5th generation
Children : Editha Reynaldo Susan Jimmy Mitchie

Jose Sr : married Minda : 5th generation

Children: Claire James Jose Jr Paul Noel Girl

Jacinto : married Juana Raneses : 4th generation

Children : Euphemio Gregorio Geminiano Teofisto Pantaleon

Euphemio : married Inday : 5th generation

Children : Euphemia

Gregorio : married Pelagia : 5th generation

Children : Virgilio Adrian Maria Trinidad Segundina Felisa Beatriz Cedronio Anastacia

Geminiano : married Francisca : 5th generation

Children : Hermisio Teresita Evelyn Ricardo Marites Jun Eric

Teofisto : married : 5th generation

Children : Antonio Liezel Alberto Lina

Pantaleon : married : 5th generation

Children : Rosalie Vincent Jackielyn Jun Eric

Catalina : 4th generation

Children : Emelia Lelia Marciano

Emelia : 5th generation

Children : Paping

Lelia : married Diano Sanchez : 5th generation

Children : Annie Evelyn Jun Nick

Marciano : married Amada : 5th generation

Children : Ricardo Danilo Marites Bananawe Nino

Moises : married Anastacia : 4th generation

Children : Gaudencio Arsenia

Gaudencio : married Sophia : 5th generation

Children : Eutemio Bebie Armando Feling Mackie Marissa Perot

Arsenia : married Ben Sanoy : 5th generation

Children : Vicky Edgar Yedler

Alipio : married Aurea : 4th generation

Children : Adela Amador Momoy

Roma : single

Celedonia : Bore a daughter out of wedlock

Children : Yolanda

b. Herecleo : married Natividad : 3rd generation

Children : Berta Feling Agustin Deonesio

Berta : married Leoncio Buaya : 4th generation

Children : Pedong Dulcenia Hedy Gaspar Maning

Feling : married Catalino Cardiente : 4th generation

Children : Leonardo Nestor Evelyn Romulo Manuel Rene Edwin

c. Petra : 3rd generation

Children : Sulfecio Benjamin Natividad

Sulfecio: married: 4th generation

Children : Fe Delia Edgar Carol

Benjamin : married : 4th generation

Children : Ofelia Ester Jun Nimfa Dolores Steve Cliff

d. Pastor : married Felicida Tabanao

Children : Patricia Teliong Prudencio Cornelio Luciana Emeterio Florencio

Patricia : married Ninong Elipascua

Children : only 1 daughter

Teliong : married : Petra Tomaron : 4th generation

Children : Miguel Virgie Laksmi Ramon Salvador

Prudencio : married Anselma Manalo : 4th generation

Children : Jun Roy Betita Joecon

Cornelio : married Mary Flor Sevillano : 4th generation

Children : Marco Antonio Marycor Felitsu Marnel Jun Dodong

Luciana : married Tribajo : 4th generation

Children : Rolando Evangeline Lilian M ildred Manuel Lucrecia

Emeterio : married J. Francisco : 4th generation

Children : Neisa Nulfa Nunie

Florencio : married Pining Lamobao : 4th generation

Children : Ruben Jocelyn Remy Roel Jun

e. Catalino : married Nening : 3rd generation

Children : Tibay Kikoy Juliana Miguela Dionesia Perry Fredo

Tibay : married Tony Mendoza : 4th generation

No children

Kikoy : 4th generation

Children : Myrna Magdalina Amado Flaviano Elesio

Juliana : married Filomino :4th generation

Children : Raquel Noida Nening Rommel Raul

Dionesia : married G. Domocul : 4th generation

Children : Francisco Rommel Alex Rey

Miguela : married Jose Ationlbino : 4th generation

Children : Oscar Divino Teresita Lilibeth Ging-Ging

Perry : married Tony Tobalado : 4th generation

Children : Neldy Aileen Frenan

Fredo : 4th generation

Children : Alan Samuel

f. Ceferina : married Carlos Pableo : 3rd generation

Children : Eugenia Sisoy Dadong

g. Telesfora : 3rd generation

Children : Gerondia
Aug 28, 2013 · Reply
Remy Gocotano 2. Tula : Bore a son out of wedlock sired by Templado., married Bajao and
had 6 children but 3 boys were born before they were formally
married : 2nd generation

Children : a. Estanislao Gocotano sired by Templado
b. Petronilo Gocotano sired by Bajao
c. Guillermo Gocotano sired by Bajao
d. Juan Gocotano sired by Bajao
e. Toribio Bajao
f. Engracio Bajao
g. Excekila Bajao

a. Estanislao : married to Bajao : 3rd generation

Children : Buenaventura Mariano Veviencia Faustino Julian Alfredo

Buenaventura : married Vinlot : 4th generation

Children : B enedicto Pilang Serafina Nanong Emoy Puring Loling Mary

Benedicto : 5th generation

Children : Ely Bobby Berting Nida Benerando Godofredo Nonoy Titing
Cedric Vicky Lito Banting

Nanong : married Taling : 5th generation

Children : Camela Leonarda Julieto Alexander Josephine

Serafina : married Antona : 5th generation

Children : Manuel Adelina Ana May Arman Jay Casimera-Awing

Leo : 5th generation

Children : Flora Nening Eleuterio

Julian : married Raboy : 4th generation

Children : Pantaleon Emelia Gaudencio Epegenio Sr Maximino Manuel
Francisco Ano Reinerio Paterno Valeriana

Pantaleon : 5th generation

Children :Timoteo Virgilio Emiliano Ondo Sharon Remegia

Epegenio : 5th generation

Children : Camela Maria Jun Santiago Renato Teresita Efren

Francisco : 5th generation

Children : Evangeline Hermocila Evelyn Ellen Topper Jepony Joe Franco
Mildred Vanessa

Faustino : married Taboada : 4th generation

Children : Artemio Restituto Betina Wenny Doding Emma Annie Glecer . Eddie

Mariano : 4th generation

Children : Leoncia Virgilio Marcial Pabling Guillermo

Alfredo : married Jadaong : 4th generation

Children : Tarcela Maming Cita Procomio Pelagia Nicomedes Victoria
Miling Luciano Benny

Nicomedes : 5th generation

Children : Emie Nene Noemie

Luciano : 5th generation

Chlldren : Joebert Jun Jojo Erich Joy-Joy Polong Dan-Dan

Restituto : 5th generation

Children : Vicky Celso Mario Betty Dodong Ete An-An Alice

b. Petronilo : 3rd generation

Children: Basilio

Basilio : 4th generation

Children : Mariano

Mariano : 5th generation

Children : Bernardito Susan

Guillermo : 3rd generation

Children : Felisa Girl

Felisa : married Binoy Bate : 4th generation

Children : Edgar

Felisa sister : 4th generation

Children : Mila : married Atty.Peter Lucas of Davao City

Excekila : married Gabales : 3rd generation

Children : Crisogono

Crisogono : 4th generation

Children : Retured Judge Gabales : Gen. Santos City

Aug 28, 2013 · Reply
Remy Gocotano Eustaquio-Pelagia : 1st generation
Children : Esreban Juana Bernardo Benang Petra Goyong Claudia

Esteban : 2nd generation
Children : Bartolome

Bartolome : married Lucenda Rosario : 3rd generation
Chilldren : Perto Benita Pedro Esteban Kuas Beng-beng Petang
Rosalia (Saling ) Tarcila : Dodong Alimas mother Juaning
Lourdes 9 ( Oding ) Fernando Baltazar Milagring Teofilo

Lourdes : married de Legaspi : 4th generation
Children : Julieta Artemio Antonio Feliciano Diosdada Supriano
Francisco Petronillo Elenita

Julieta : married Wilfredo Reston : 5th generation
Children : Elias Bernadetha Nestor Gleceria Helen Primetiva
Veronica Leo

Antonio: 5th generation
Children : Helen Lourdes Carlos Jonathan Antonette

Feliciano : 5th generation
Children : Rosalie married Rudy Lazan, Jr
Jacqueline married JR Querr

Artemio : 5th generation
Children : Roberto Alberto Tereso Edwin Miraluna Evangeline
Riza Ricky Luzviminda

Rosalia : 4th generatuib
Children : Demesito Tikoy Patricia Bebjamin Levita Remelas

Patricia : married Flores : 5th generation
Children : Grace Jun Dodong

Demesito :5th generation
Children : Jonathan Jun Tar-tar Juan

Tikoy : 5th generation
Children : Ramil Leonor Lexel

Benjamin : 5th generation
Children: Junelyn Ramil Bernie Marilyn Benjie

Levita : married Garciano : 5th generation
Children : Marly Eden Alma

Remejas : 5th generation
Children : Rining Lovesa

Diosdado : 5th generation
Children : Domingo Rene Renelyn Riza Renato

Supriano : 5th generation
Children : Rodel

Francisco : 5th generation
Children : Ricky and 3 boys

Petronillo : 5th generation
Children : Ronilyn Amor Irish Amor

Elenita : 5th generation
Children : Quennie

Benita : married Maratas : 5th generation
Children : Alejandro Fernando Imeda Tomasa

Alejandro Sr : 5th generation
Children : Amele Jun Ronald Almie

Fernando Sr : 5th generation
Children : Alexander Regina Jun Marife

Imelda : married Vic Longakit : 5th generation
Children : Rodel Monina Russel

Tomasa : married R.Sabosabo : 5th generation
Children : Randy Cheryl Fe Jun Crezalyn

Tarcila : married Alima : 4th generation
Children : Dodong

Dodong : 5th generation
Children :

Teofilo : 4th generation
Children : Teody : Zamboanga Sibugay

Teody : 5th generation
Children : Christopher Jun Liezel

NOTE: Most of these descendants are from Davao Oriental

Sep 07, 2013 · Reply
Remy Gocotano Eustaquio-Pelagia ; 1st generation
Children : Esteban Juana Bernardo Benang Goyong

Juana : 2nd generation : married Nuevo
Children :

Antonio : 3rd generation
Children :

Kikoy : 4th generation
Children :

Sisong : 4th generation
Children :
Richly married Yusores
Sep 12, 2013 · Reply
Remy Gocotano Semion-Mansing : 1st generation
Children : Vicente Pedro Tula Donata Macario Alejandro Pelagio Celia Alija
Anacleto Juan Gregorio

Vicente : 2nd generation
Children : Nicolas "Vallehermoso , Negros Oriental
Loloy : Pikit , North Cotabato
Narda : Ormoc City , Leyte
Olivia : Moalboal, Cebu
Petro : Tanjay, Negros Oriental

Nicolas : 3rd generation
Children : Dionesio : Vallehermoso, Negros Oriental

Dionesio : 4th generation
Children : Malou : married to Hueck
Dionesio Jr
Glenn Dindo

Loloy : 3rd generation , Pikit , North Cotabato
Children : Pedro Gokotano

Pedro : 4th generation : married Serapia Heramis
Children : Erlinda married Gesulga
Cesar Gokotano : PNP Pikit cel no.09067499371
Imelda married Torres

Leonarda : 3rd generation married Anecito Pitogo Cabahug : Ormoc City, Leyte
Children : Geronimo : born 1920
Placido : born 1922
Fructuoso :born 1924
Nicolas :born 1928
Basilia :born 1930
Porferia :born 1932
Juanita :born 1933
Ciriaco :born 1935
Numeriana: born 1038
Rotello born 1942
Ire neo : born 1944

Fructuoso : 4th generation married Mendoza
Children :Catherine Josephine Allan Cecil Nanette Sister Carol Marylou

Nicolas : 4th generation married Bataclan
Children : Jose Cynthia Ramon Jorge Lourdes Carmelita Heide Coney

Basilia : 4th generation married Climaco Ursal
Children : Climaco Jr Climaco 11 Climaco 111 Luchee

Porferia : 4th generation married Carlos Parilla
Children : Carlos Jr Violeta Jaime Wilfredo Olivia Ethel Mariter Diocorosa

Juanita : 4th generation married Antonio
Children : Pedro Genojun

Ciriaco : 4th generation married Ursal
Children : Eduardo Jonie Antonio Shiela Renato Ruby Jerjer Boboy

Numeriana : 4th generation married Arthur Neise
Children : Arthur Jr

Rotello : 4th generation married Tamboboy
Children : Rowena Reynalda Ericdante

Ieneo : 4th generation married Balila
Children : Jenifer Mylene Eric Jinkee Darling Joy Ireneo Jr Leonard
Sep 18, 2013 · Reply
Remy Gocotano Eustaquio-Pelagia : 1st generation
Children : Bernardo Esteban Juana Goyong Benang Petra Claudia

Bernardo : 2nd generation
Children : Dalmacia

Bernardina : 3rd generation : Bore a child out of wedlock sired by Gador
Children : Brigida

Brigida : 4th generation : Bore a son out of wedlock
Children : Buenaventura

Buenaventura : 5th generation married to Carmencita Tabanao
Children : Mary Jane
Sep 18, 2013 · Reply
Remy Gocotano Eustaquio-Pelagia : 1st generation
Children : Goyong

Goyong : 2nd generation
Children : Florencio

Florencio : 3rd generation married to Gertrudes Talledo
Children : Bernabe
Simeona : married to F. Impas
Lucy married to Marianito

Bernabe : 4th generation married to Antonino
Children : Bobby

Simeona : 4th generation married to F. Impas
Children : Potenciano Gocotano Impas : PNP Digos City

Simeona :
Children :
Sep 18, 2013 · Reply