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  • John 3.4%
  • William 3.1%
  • James 2.9%
  • Robert 1.7%
  • Charles 1.5%
  • George 1.2%
  • Mary 1.0%
  • David 1.0%
  • Henry 0.9%
  • Roy 0.9%
  • Helen 0.8%
  • Kenneth 0.8%
  • Margaret 0.8%
  • Walter 0.7%
  • Betty 0.7%
  • Dorothy 0.6%
  • Herbert 0.6%
  • Ruth 0.6%
  • Laura 0.6%
  • Sandra 0.6%

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Brenda Houston James William Godbey was a old civil war Knowen as ""Uncle Billy"".
he was born in Casy Co Kty 1/17/1834. He was the son of John Godbey sr of Casy Co Kty
they moved to Mo. when James was 5 yrs old, James was a Civil War Soldier who fought with the Union Soldiers in Philp Co Mo . ( around Rolla ). 1865. John his father is buried on the Old Dotson farm were his Son & Grandson George W, Godbey lived after his father Passed on. James was raised in that House along with his Sons Albert W and Herman Godbey.
THe Old House is still standing. My father told lot of storied about the old House
the Godbeys from Mo were good Musicans and Judges not counting Methodist Preachers.
James William is buried at the old New Home Cemetery in Cherryville Mo. I visit the cemetery when i can and when i do i put a Flag on his Grave. In memory of his War Days as a Vet.
James was a Well knowen man he was married to Nancy Elizabeth Gregory. They had 8 Children
1.John Thomas--- Killled by a Burlington train
2.Gabriel V--born
3.Zarodie Jane
4.Benjahman Franklin
5.Williwm Fletcher
6.James Andrew
7.Geroge Washington-----Married Janie Buckley
8.Claradale -----Married Orfel Warfel
-------George W, Godbey was the Father of Albert William Godbey
Albert was the Father of Roy E Godbey. and Roy was the father Of Brenda Godbey (thats Me)
if any one is wanting to no more or Share old Godbey Photos be sure to e-mail me at
[contact link]
Apr 03, 2006 · Reply