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Most Common First Names

  • John 5.4%
  • William 5.0%
  • Mary 3.6%
  • Patrick 2.9%
  • James 2.6%
  • Gooley 2.3%
  • Edward 1.9%
  • David 1.9%
  • Thomas 1.9%
  • Waugh 1.6%
  • Margaret 1.4%
  • Alice 1.4%
  • Robert 1.3%
  • Henry 1.2%
  • Dwyer 1.1%
  • Francis 1.1%
  • Catherine 1.1%
  • Joseph 1.0%
  • Michael 0.9%
  • Mcgregor 0.9%

Gooley Last Name History & Origin


Name Origin

Nationality & Ethnicity

Early Gooleys

These are the earliest records we have of the Gooley family.

Gooley Death Records & Life Expectancy

According to our database of 517 people with the last name Gooley that have a birth and death date listed:

Life Expectancy

70.7 years

Oldest Gooleys

These are the longest-lived members of the Gooley family on AncientFaces.

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Jane Petz Our maternal grandmother's family came over from Ireland between 1868-1870. This is based on the census information that I have obtained. Catherine Fitzgerald and Michael Gooley may have been from the Waterford area. They had seven children born in Chicago and five of them made it to adulthood. Both Catherine & Michael died from health related causes before their children were adults. An aunt from Ireland came over and finished raising these children. Her name was Mary Fitzgerald and they called her Aunt Taddy. I am assuming that Mary would have been Catherine's sister.
Sep 01, 2011 · Reply