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GROH Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Germany (Franken/Franconia, Pfalz/Palatinate)

GROH Meaning & Etymology

Groh means "grey" ( Old High German [OHG] = graao,  Middle High German [MHG] = graa,  New High German [NHG] = grau; compare dutch = grauw, swedish = grå, englisch = grey). The name is derived from the bodily nature of a person (grey-haired, with a grey beard), like "Black", "Brown" or "Red".    

GROH Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

Analogies or correspondenting names are the German names: Grohe, Grau, Graue, Graumann, Grawe, Gravemann, Grawemann, Gramann, Grahmann, Grohmann, Gromann, Groman, Grohmann, Grah, Grahe, Grag, Grage, Graa, Greue, Greuling, Greubel, Grauschopf, Grauschopp, Gralock, Grahlock, Grolock, Grohlock, Gries, Griese, Grauschedel, Gratop, Gratopp, Gragetop, Grauzopf, Graschopf, Krau, Kraue

Last names similar to GROH

Gröh, Groha, Groha-herold, Grohain, Grohal, Grohall, Grohalla, Groh-allgaier, Grohalski, Groham, Grohamm, Grohammer, Grohamn, Grohan, Grohand, Grohando, Groh andrea, Grohanous, Grohans, Grohant