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Hagge Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

The Hagge’s history started in the old British main land before 14 century BC, with the Pictish people later in Scotland. Later in the history they moved to Holland, Germany and other European country. They too emigrate to Australia and United States.

Hagge Meaning & Etymology

.The First known Hagge was living with the Pictish Warrior people in Britain, They was a very violent people. Which lived around 3500 years ago then the emigrated to Ireland but was refused by the Irish king BUT they was allowed to colonize the Scottish land BUT only if they married an Irish Princess. (That way they had control of the now known as Scotland.) Hagge is from the Gaelic name "Mac-an-t-sagairt" (Mac meaning "Son", Clan meaning "People"), which meaning 'Son of the Priest'. That name was often substituted Revered religious person or a Saint and even a much loved father

Hagge Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

Do to the translation back and foe from Gaelic and English the Hagge was miss spelled to Hagg, Hagger, Hagert, Hager, Hagard, Hagee, Haggerty, Haggerstone, Haggenmacher, Haggel and many many more

Last names similar to Hagge

Häggebom Haggebon Haggebush Haggechristopher Hagged Haggedhorn Haggedon Haggedus Haggee Hagge Ellhoeft Haggeerty Haggeiic Häggele Haggelin Haggelki Haggell Haggelman Haggemacher Haggemaker Haggeman

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Famous People named Hagge

John Hagge: Sheriff of York 1480...................... Marlene Hagge: Marlene Hagge, née Bauer, is an American former professional golfer. She was one of the thirteen founders of the LPGA in 1950. She won one major championship and 26 LPGA Tour career events. She is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame.................. Robert von Hagge: Born and raised on a golf course, Mr. Von Hagge worked as a caddie, a shop boy (cleaning and repairing golf clubs), a caddie master, a golf course maintenance crewman, an assistant greens superintendent, assistant golf professional, and commercial illustrator for sporting magazines before his 17th birthday. He have created over 1000 golf course around the world..................

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