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William Lydon Hi! There

I am looking for some Hargraves as they are in my family tree. I am trying to search for some of the offsprings. Here is a list of the Hargraves related to me. Please let me know if you know any of these people listed below. I believe all of these people listed below are dead. But maybe your parents might have known if you don't. I am trying to search for my relatives the offsprings. I know they had a lot of children each and everyone of them. Thanks for your time. Please e-mail me back thanks at J a z z y B i l l @ a o l . c o m

Allie May (Hargraves) Johnson she married James H. Johnson
a daughter Miss Virginia Johnson; a son, Wilbur Johnson
Maggie Virginia Hargraves
Samuel J. Hargraves. .
Mrs. E. Hancock, of Rosemary, NC
Mrs. Henry Kenion. Also of Rosemary: Four brothers,
W. W. Hargraves. of Rosemary;
B. L. Hargraves, of Portsmouth;
G. S. Hargraves, of Lynchburg,
and G. F. Hargraves, of Portsmouth.
May 16, 2007 · Reply