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Hilmar Surname History

My father traces his history back to 1648 when the first Hilmar came from Swedish territory to Košťanech (Czech Republic) as a soldier in the Thirty Years' War. He settled and made his trade as a maker of chainmail for armor. He was a protestant, but in order to marry he had to convert to Catholicism, which he did.

The next notable relative was František Matěj Hilmar (born 30. September 1803, Nová Paka – died. October 1881, Kopidlno) a noted teacher and composer. The most famous composition by this Czech musician was his polka "Esmerelda" which was employed by Smetana in "The Bartered Bride." He wrote over 200 compositions most of which were dances that included waltzes and galops. His polkas received the most attention and "Esmerelda" was popular from St Petersburg to New York. Hilmar was a teacher in Kopidlno where he received an appointment in 1838. He remained there for the rest of his life. (Learn more here: http://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franti%C5%A1ek_Mat%C4%9Bj_Hilmar)

My father's grandfather was Josef Šrámek, a musician at Dolní Krči, a town recognized since 1222.

My father's father with a sculptor who studied under the famous Stanislav Sucharda (learn more here: http://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanislav_Sucharda) He passed away in Mychle.

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Hilmar Meaning & Etymology

Francis Matthew Hilmar aka František Matěj Hilmar (Born 30 September 1803 , Nová Paka Czech Republic - Died 1 October 1881 , Kopidlno, Czech Republic ) was a famous Czech composer and teacher.

Hilmar Life Expectancy

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Most Common Hilmar First Names

According to our database of 28 people with the last name Hilmar that have a first name listed, these are the most common first names:

  • James 7.1%
  • Martin 7.1%
  • Anna 7.1%
  • Magdalena 7.1%
  • Norman 7.1%
  • Ella 3.6%
  • Frederick 3.6%
  • Anton 3.6%
  • August 3.6%
  • Hammel 3.6%
  • Anna v. hilmarove 3.6%
  • Holger 3.6%
  • Ann 3.6%
  • Erna 3.6%
  • Catherine 3.6%
  • Sally 3.6%
  • Fred 3.6%
  • Elizabeth 3.6%
  • Wilfred 3.6%
  • Harold 3.6%
  • Sue 3.6%
  • Violet 3.6%
  • Vlastimil 3.6%

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