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Most Common First Names

  • Joseph 3.0%
  • Mary 1.8%
  • Robert 1.7%
  • William 1.7%
  • Raymond 1.6%
  • Albert 1.5%
  • George 1.5%
  • Arthur 1.3%
  • Marie 1.3%
  • Richard 1.3%
  • Edward 1.3%
  • Roger 1.2%
  • John 1.2%
  • Henry 1.1%
  • Irene 1.0%
  • Roland 1.0%
  • Louis 0.9%
  • Paul 0.8%
  • Armand 0.8%
  • Francis 0.8%

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Dakota Houle Hi my name is Dakota Houle and I may only be 13 but last year in my school we had this project that we had to see what origan we were and I found out that I was Scottish, Irish, and French from my dads side and then from my moms side I was Irish, and Indian but my father was the Houle. My dads side of the family(the Houle's) is huge i have so many uncles and aunts and cousins that there are way to many to count and a huge high school couldn't even hold my whole family.
Oct 30, 2011 · Reply