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Most Common First Names

  • Charles 18.5%
  • Sharon 7.4%
  • Robert 3.7%
  • Elizabeth 3.7%
  • Ilse 3.7%
  • Max 3.7%
  • Glen 3.7%
  • Ora 3.7%
  • Harvey 3.7%
  • Roy 3.7%
  • Carl 3.7%
  • John 3.7%
  • James w. 3.7%
  • Sylvia 3.7%
  • Ralph 3.7%
  • Virginia 3.7%
  • Melinda 3.7%
  • Jack 3.7%
  • Myram 3.7%
  • G.w. 3.7%

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Glennis Kowalski MRS FRANCES BIXLER HONORED ON HER NINETIEH BIRTHDAY;AUGUST 7,1948 Riverside Calf.At the home of her daughterson-inlaw Bea & Bill Tucker.
Frances was born in Ohio. Where she met and married Simon Christian Bixler in 1879. They had 9 childern and 10 grandchildern and 9 greatgrandchildern .Her son Chauucneys Widow and childern live in Heyburn and her son Hameltons widow and childern live in Rupert.Her Daughter Vivian and her daughter Francies & her 3 childern Kay 10yrs old, Mark 4yrs old and Glennis 14mos. live in Pocatello .Three of Frances's Sons serviced in WW1 and Two Grandsons in WW11.Frances had never been in a Hosp. never missed the change to vote, was very active in communty affairs all her life.Frances and Simon lived for a few years in Lyons KS before moving to Idaho when that area opened up, they lived on a large farm. Which is now called Emerald Lake. Also inatendce was her son Ralph and his wife Dorcas Bixel and sonMr and Mrs.Max Edwards of Calif. lots of friends from Id and Calif. Making this a very large party. Frances is the last of her immediate family living in 1948.
Mar 11, 2010 · Reply