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Ijiyode Surname History

The evolution of the name Ijiyode begins in an historical ancient city of Ile-Ife in south west of Nigeria. dated back to 12 AD. The name was associated to a deity called ERISHILE. IJI is a prefix that associated with different ethnic Yoruba names and have different surfixes such as Ijiwoye, Ijifisoye, Ijirotimi, Ijikoyejo etc. IJI were given to any child born to IJI Family in Yoruba land or any child that was cared for or received treatment via Erishile Shrine. IJI is paramount to Ile-Ife city, Ifetedo town or Oke-igbo town These towns that share historical connection with Ile-Ife.


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Famous People named Ijiyode

Dauda Ijiyode

Magistrate Olalekan Ijiyode, Magistrate Osun State, Nigeria

Grace Ijiyode

Rotimi Ijiyode

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Ijiyode Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Ijiyode  family history  has rich  origins  of which the particulars have been accumulated over the years by Ijiyode family members. This page is the home for  the complete history  of the Ijiyode surname, Ijiyode  origins is from Yoruba Land in South west Nigeria. Precisely Ile-Ife also known as ''The cradle of the Yorubas'' The Family history is from Giesi Compound in Moore quarter in Ile-Ife. Giesi comes from a royal lineage of Ooni of Ife. The traditional King of Ile-Ife Kingdom. Giesi has a 4 children with the last born a female and was barren for many years. until she went to sojourn in a town called Igbajo about 80 kilometer north of the City of Ife. On getting there she met and got married to an hunter and was blessed with 4 male children. Being a princess she decided to relocate back to her home town of Ile-Ife where she belong. The husband advised her to take ERISHILE along with her incase any of her child was sick. that was how she brought the pot of Erishile to Ile-Ife up till date. Since then any child born into the family must be given IJI prexis with their names or any child born out of the family that receives healing through Erishile pot must be given the IJI prefix The name IJIYODE originate from Yoruba land precisely, Ile-Ife. Osun state of Nigeria

Ijiyode Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of Ijiyode come from a Deity called ERISHILE shrine in Ile-Ife. A city in south west Nigeria

Ijiyode Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

IJIYODE is the righ spelling and it remain correct up till date

Last names similar to Ijiyode

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