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Ilch Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Ilch country of origin is the upper rhine valley, baden and alsace. The first kown Ilch was Jacob Ilch from Sand, near Strasbourg. He was a mason and moved from Sand to Altenheim, Perhaps the Ilch family comes from the Alsace, because there exists an family armor in the archive of Strasbourg.  

Ilch Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of the name Ilch could come from the alsacian river Ill. There is a family armor in the archive of the city Strasbourg, where I asked for the meaning of the name Ilch, and they told me, that could come from this river, because the writing of the name in this archive was Illch with two LL.

Ilch Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

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Researching spelling variations and alternate spellings of the Ilch name are important to understanding the history of the name. In times when literacy was uncommon, names such as Ilch were written down based on how they sounded when people's names were recorded in government records. This could have resulted in misspellings of Ilch. Surnames like Ilch change in how they're spelled as they travel across communities, family branches, and eras over time.

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