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Jafri Surname History

According to one Jaffri family researcher, the Jafri family originated from Hazrat Imam Jafer bin Mohammad Baqar (A.S.). Originally, "Jafri" was used only for the descendants of Imam Jafer (A.S.) (who were syeds because of their roots to the holy prophet through his daughter Hazrat Fatima A.S.). However later, as the fiqah of Imam Jafer spread, some of the followers of his fiqah also started using "Jafri" as their surname. So, the real Jafri family is the Syed Jafri who are the descendants of imam Jafer-e-sadiq( A.S.)


Jafri family history has rich origins of which the particulars have been accumulated over the years by Jafri family researchers. The Jafri family name is an old lineage that has migrated all across the world over time, and as the name Jafri has spread, it has evolved.  According to one family researcher, the Jafri family originally consisted of the descendants of Imam Jafer of Arabia.  Through time, the followers of Imam Jafer also took the surname Jafri (which can also be spelled Jafri, Jafry, Jaffery, or even Geofferey).

Jafri Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

According to one family researcher, the Jafri family originated in Arabia. The Jafri family is oridinally Arabian but now almost all countries of the world have some nationals belonging to Jafri family.  

Jafri Meaning & Etymology

There are two meanings of "Jafri" The descendants of Imam Jafer Sadiq (A.S.) The followers of Fiqah Jafria  

Jafri Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

The surname Jafri can be spelt  Jafri, Jafry, Jaffery, and even Geofferey.

Last names similar to Jafri

Jafrond, Jafroodi, Jafrou, Jafroudi, Jafrray, Jafry, Jafs, Jafsher, Jafsouniali, Jafsswv, Jaft, Jafta, Jaftack, Jaftas, Jafte, Jafter, Jaftes, Jaftha, Jaftic, Jaftner