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Keppens Surname History

This page is the home for the complete history of the Keppens family name, Keppens origins, and history of people with the Keppens name. Keppens family members say that at least one branch of the Keppens family is from Belgium and that the surname Keppens is the "sweet version of the holy name Jacob."  Keppens family history has rich origins of which the particulars can be pieced together by Keppens family researchers and shared here.

Keppens Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

At least one branch of the Keppens family is from Belgium. At least one branch of the Keppens family is Belgian.

Keppens Meaning & Etymology

The name Keppens is derived from the sweet version of the holy name Jacob, according to one Keppens family researcher.

Keppens Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

Similar names (Dutch): Coppyn, Cop(p)in, De Coppin, Cop(p)ijn, Kopin, Coppins, Coup(p)in, Coppen(s), Copens, Keppens, Keepen(s), Kep(p)enne, Keppene, Koppen(s), Koppenen, Koppes, Ceup(p)ens, Cueppens, Keuppen(s), Cuppen(s), Kuppens, Cuypens, Quppens

Last names similar to Keppens

Keppent, Keppepolt, Kepper, Kepperblatt, Kepperchuck, Kepperd, Keppere, Kepperle, Kepperler, Kepperley, Kepperlin, Kepperling, Kepperll, Kepperly, Kepperman, Keppermann, Kepper-muth, Keppers, Keppersberger, Kepper-scholz