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TheresaLynn Kerby I have very little knowledge of my Kerby root's. Have been told by Aunt Sherry Dillow Kerby (Dongola, Ill.) & Grandpa Milus Kerby (Jonesburro, Ill)relatives names are John Madison Kerby Great, Great, Great Uncle. Also my Great, Great, Great Grandma was a female witch doctor for Indian tribe. My grandpa Milus Kerby would go to her grave every 5 years or so, and fill up the whole, he swore she was climbing out of the grave to get him. My mother, Marguerite Kerby went with him once (some cemetary near Jonesborro) and said near the headstone, there was a whole, more like a cave-in most likely. Grandpa would go there and it would take nearly a full truckload of dirt to fill in.

Would like to know if anyone related to these Kerby's. I'm told the family is from Arkansas, or Tennesee, even Virginia. (East Coast folks) It seems like the older I get the more the Indian Tribe I am from changes, I have been told, Navajo, Black Foot, Souix Indian. Would LOVE to find my roots.
Apr 10, 2009 · Reply
Lara Kerby- Spencer I am the great granddaughter of Alva Kerby, son of J.C. Kerby and Myrtle Knight. I have no idea of anything beyond that. If any of you recognize any of these names please let me know, very interested in following my Kerby roots as far as I can.

I can be contacted at [contact link]
Apr 26, 2010 · Reply