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Kowzan Surname History

See below. History prior to 1300 unknown. No identifiable meaning to the word - it is a name only. Family crest : "TRABY" - meaning "the Trumpets" in Polish.Three white/gold hunting trumpets on a red field. See entry on Tadeusz Kowzan for more information He was a historian and scholar who researched and wrote about Kowzan family history.

Kowzan Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Poland, traced back to the 1300-s by Tadeusz Kowzan. Very rare name, hails of Polish nobility, its geographical seat and origins are in Northeastern Poland in the region of the great historic city of Wilno. (Wilenszczyzna). Home of many famous poets, philosophers, luminaries and statesmen throughout Polish history such as Adam Mickiewicz, Jozef Pilsudski and many more. ***************************Geographical note: this part of historical Poland was forcibly incorporated into Lithuania due to a massive land grab by Stalin and changed borders between Poland and the Soviet Union after WW- II. Millions of Poles were forced to leave their native Eastern lands in the mid 1940-s to regain the new borders of the "redesigned" country of Poland, which was partly moved to the West. Lithuania officially renamed the city Vilnius in 1945. If you travel there be aware that, regrettably, the Lithuanian government has pursued a policy of re-writing history and erasing all that had been Polish for close to a millennium, and renaming places, names and appropriating Polish history into Lithuanian, which is a Baltic language and culture, not a Slavic one, like Polish. The geographical areas where the Kowzans hail from and owned lands and were originally gentry ( in localities such a Dokurniszki , Oszmiany and others) were always located in Poland until the aforementioned land grab. They are currently situated partly in Lithuania and partly in Bielarus.

Kowzan Meaning & Etymology

Exact etymology unknown, no specific meaning to the name.

Kowzan Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

Pronounced Kov-zann in Polish. No alternate spellings except perhaps Kolwzan - which is either a different branch of the family or an entirely different name. There is a branch of Kowzans whose ancestors immigrated to the US in the late 1800-s and added a French "de" before the name to indicate the original nobility status, no doubt. Their current descendants' name is written De Kowzan. The names listed as similar by this site are not related.

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Find birth, death, marriage, military, and other Kowzan records at Ancestry.com.

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