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Kuechle Surname History

Our first ancestors are documented around the year 1410

Kuechle Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Germany, south-west Germany in particular. The regional distribution of the name is concentrated on Württemberg and bayrisch Schwaben. The focus is on the city of Memmingen and the surrounding villages, where all our ancient ancestors come from. German

Kuechle Meaning & Etymology

The ending le is the diminuitiv in the southwest German language Schwäbisch. Küchle means a little cake or cookie.

Kuechle Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

In the 15th century when Standard German was not developped yet and most people were illiterate, the name was often written as Küchlin and Küechlin. Now it is KÜCHLE. Where there is no letter ü, the ü can be substituted by ue as is done in America.

Last names similar to Kuechle

Kuechler, Kuechlerjason, Kuechler-kraschinski, Kuechles, Kuechli, Kuechlin, Kuechling, Kuechly, Kuechma, Kuechman, Kuechmann, Kuechmeister, Kuechmmeister, Kuechnan, Kuechnel, Kuechnemundt, Kuechner, Kuechnis, Kuechnmeister, Kuecho