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Jim Kervin My name s Jimmy Kervin and I am seeking any input about my grandmother; Mary Viola Landrum also called Dolly. She was married to my grandfather, Morris Watson Kervin Jr. when she was 14 yrs. old. He fought in the civil war and was in his latter yrs when he married Dolly. They had possibly 11 children; one of them being a son A Kervin, my father. When I was growing up my father rarely mentioned his family and never gave me the opportunity to know about his mother. It is said she passed away when my dad was 2yrs old and that he was raised by older siblings. Dolly was Cherokee and may have been involved in the Trail of Tears. I really want to know more about my heritage and unfortunately; my parents have passed away with any information. I want to find out who Dollys parents and siblings were and if I have pure cherokee bloodline.I would be proud to know who I was, whereas; in my father's time it might have been taboo. My grandfather was a renegade and is said to have had 3 or more wives and fathered 19 children.apparently, as legend tells it he was a hard man and put off most of his children. Dolly was only 34 yrs old when she died and I am unsure of how she passed. I had a photo of her in a bible and it has been missing many yrs, possibly lost when moving. I recall the photo, she was really lovely, standing atop a wagon in a dark dress.I never had any children so it means so much to me to know who she was. I am engaged to be married and would like to be able to share my family backround with my prospective wife and her family. I know someone out there knows more than I do about Dolly. She is buried alongside my grandfather in Bethel baptist cemetary in Coventry county, Ms. I have a photo of their gravestones but, nothing more. Dolly is a mystery and she needs to be remembered. A beautiful indian maiden, I never knew.
Mar 06, 2010 · Reply