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Most Common First Names

  • Augusy 10.0%
  • Atugus 10.0%
  • Agnes martina 10.0%
  • Agnes 10.0%
  • August 10.0%
  • Katherine 10.0%
  • Erwin 10.0%
  • Gerhard 10.0%
  • David 10.0%
  • Jozef 10.0%

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Erwin Lepiarczyk My Lepiarczyk family lineage includes:
generation I, Matthias Knebel.
generation II, Georg Jurczysko.
generation III, Bernhard Lepiarz.
generation IV, Bernhard Lepiarz.
generation V, Lorenz Lepiarczyk.
generation VI, Fabian Sebastian Lepiarczyk.
generation VII, Carl Eugen Lepiarczyk.
generation VIII, Viktor Lepiarczyk (1872-1914).
generation IX, August Lepiarczyk (1901-1981).
generation X, Gerhard Lepiarczyk.
generation XI, Erwin Heinrich Lepiarczyk II.
For many generations my Lepiarczyk ancestral family members lived in Upper Silesia. My father immigrated to the Unites States of America in 1952; and I am the first member of my Lepiarczyk family to have been born in the United States of America. Closest members of my Lepiarczyk family reside in Kentucky.
May 06, 2012 · Reply