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  • Ole 2.1%
  • John 1.3%
  • Anne 1.0%
  • Robert 0.9%
  • Arthur 0.9%
  • Hans 0.8%
  • Harold 0.8%
  • Olaf 0.8%
  • Carl 0.7%
  • Anna 0.7%
  • James 0.6%
  • Donald 0.6%
  • Martin 0.6%
  • Lars 0.6%
  • Henry 0.6%
  • Dorothy 0.6%
  • Ingeborg 0.5%
  • Marie 0.5%
  • Karen 0.5%
  • Margaret 0.5%

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Bev Gillihan LIEN, FRANCIS; US. Army, Union Army,

LIEN, FREDERICK; 7th. Illinois Cavalry, Union Army, Co. B, Rank In; Pvt, Rank Out; Sergeant, ALTERNATE NAME; Frederick SIEN

LIEN, H; 9th. Louisiana Infantry, Co. B, Pvt. (Henry Lien)

LIEN, HENRY; 1st. US. Vol. Infantry, Union Army, Co. S-F, Rank In; Sergeant, Rank Out; Com. Sergeant, Alternate Name; Henry Lein

LIEN, JACKSON; 1st. Indiana Heavy Artilley, Union Army, Co. L, Pvt. Alternate Name; Andrew J. Lien

LIEN, JACOB T. 149th. Penn. Infantry, Union Army, Co. B, Pvt. Alternate Name; Jacob T. Liens

LIEN, MATTHIAS; 8th. Minnesota Infantry, Union Army. Co. C, Pvt.

LIEN, SYVER/SYVESEN; 46th. Wisconsin Infantry, Union Army, Co. G, Pvt.

LIEN, THOMAS A; 32nd. Iowa Infantry, Union Army, Co. K, Pvt. Alternate Name; Thomas A. Lein

LIEN, WILLIAM; 17th. Conn. Infantry, Union Army, Co. K, Pvt. Alternate Name; William Lein
Oct 03, 2004 · Reply
Bev Gillihan Until 2001 my Lien ancestors were a mystery to me. That year I recieved an e-mail from a "cousin" who had read one of my postings and suddenly, I had found another branch on my family tree.
My Great-Grandfather, Gjermund Pederson Lien was a brother to her Great-Grandfather, Knut Pederson Lien. Our Lien lines married into the Romsaas family tree which goes back to the 11th. century in Norway.

Gjermund Pederson Lien was born, April 7, 1840, Sollia, Osterdalen, Norway and died, Sept. 28, 1904 in Minnesota. He married, April 23, 1867, Anne Plassen, born 1840, Folldal, Norway. She died, June 29, 1892 in Norway. My Grandmother, Oline, was the last child born in a family of 8 children. She was born, March 25, 1885.

Anne Plassen Lien was a Jordmor (Midwife) in Norway. In the old days women could not be physicians. It was in this capacity that she lost her life. My Grandmother related to me that; On the day of her Mother's death she had been summoned to assist in a birth some distance from their home. The only mode of transportation available to her that day was on skis so it was she set off early that morning. She never returned and her body was found some time later. She had become lost or possibly injured and had frozen to death. My Grandmother was still a child of nine at the time.

Some years later, Gjermund and three of his children imigrated to the United States, arriving in Minnesota. They were Oline, Marie and Georg. After Gjermund died his children all married and finally all ended up in Washington State.
Oct 07, 2004 · Reply
Bev Gillihan BETHANY MEMORIAL CEMETERY, Kendrick, Latah County, ID:

LIEN, Andrew 1867-1956
LIEN, Annie Petra 1866-1944
LIEN, Anton 03/11/1907-04/22/1952
Calif. Pvt Armed Force
Repl Tng Cen WWII
LIEN, Emret 06/29/1904-01/14/1968
LIEN, Erik A. 06/03/1832-06/19/1908
LIEN, Evan 1890-1951
LIEN, Even E. 10/05/1872-08/13/1949 S/W Mollie
LIEN, Halvor 1877-1952 S/W Hilda
LIEN, Hans 1870-1954
LIEN, Henry 08/06/1901-04/03/1976
LIEN, Hilda 1885-1958 S/W Halvor
LIEN, Martin Oliver 03/31/1894-10/02/1918 Killed in Action
LIEN, Mollie 01/29/1885-04/03/1968 S/W Even E.
LIEN, Mrs. Erik A. 07/03/1834-12/08/1908 S/W Erik
LIEN, Ole 1865-1944
Romsdal Cemetery, Norway Twp, Lincoln County, South Dakota

Lien, Adolph, b. 1884, d. 1918
Lien, Enoch, b. 1886, d. 1923
Lien, Ida, b. 1860, d. 1933
Lien, Peter, b. 1887, d. 1921

FODT 1 FEB. 1856 DODE 14 NOV- 1903

FODT 5de OCT. 1894 - DODE 7de MAR. 1898
1876 - 1932

1886 - 1956
Cherry Hill Cemetery
Ridge Road Canton Township, Michigan

Boatwright, Ruby Lien 1925 - 1999
Corinthian Cemetery
Empire Township, Dakota County, Minnesota

Arne Lien 1911-1984 married Theresa 21 February 1942

Theresa Lien 1909-____ married Arne 21 February 1942

Adolph K. Lien

Ole H. Lien
husband of Pernile
Aug 21, 2005 · Reply

BM3 - E4 - Navy - Regular
22 year old Single, Caucasian, Male
Born on Jan 07, 1946
Length of service 3 years.
Casualty was on Feb 27, 1968
Body was recovered

Panel 41E - - Line 51
Sep 08, 2005 · Reply

GLADYS LIEN 18 Jul 1895 Nov 1966 71 Spokane, Spokane, WA
GLADYS I LIEN 1 Oct 1920 9 Aug 1996 V 75 Mount Vernon, Skagit, WA
RAYMOND LIEN 10 Nov 1925 Sep 1981 55 Everett, Snohomish, WA
GORDON C LIEN 25 Aug 1922 24 Sep 1999 V 77 Mount Vernon, Skagit, WA
Sep 23, 2005 · Reply
Bev Gillihan Lands Cemetery
Grant County, Minnesota

Lien, Ingeborg,
b. 1842, d. 1909,
Sec D #23
Old Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Spring Grove, Houston Co., MN

Lien Mertie Lillian
09-05-1896 10-10-1897
Daughter of Nils Lien and Hannah (Quanrud)
Lien Gilbert
06-1874 10-19-1874
Son of Torger Lien and Maria (Olsdatter)
Lien Kristen
? 10-19-1878
Lien Hannah Maria
1874 11-09-1876
Lien Torger Johnson
12-23-1872 01-03-1873
Son of Torger Lien
Lien Maria (Olsdatter)
1829 03-30-1877
Wife of Torger Lien
Lien John Evenson 1885 04-16-1886
Son of Even Lien and Dorthea (Olesdatter)
Lien Nils Evensen
1875 08-12-1883
Son of Even Lien and Dorthea (Jacobsen)
Lien Henry Evenson
07-06-1879 08-05-1883
Son of Even Lien and Dorthea (Jacobsen)
Lien Mette Caroline Evensen
1877 08-09-1883
Daughter of Even Lien and Dorthea (Jacobsen)
Lien Torger Nilson
1827 1888
Spring Grove Cemetery, Spring Grove, Houston Co., MN

LIEN Albert 08-27-1882 TO 08-19-1943
LIEN Anna Maria 12-02-1885 TO 06-09-1959
LIEN Anne C 01-14-1832 TO 09-20-1909
LIEN Anne Mathea 06-05-1855 TO 03-20-1921
LIEN Arthur E 1895-1981
LIEN Berdella 1913-1997
Married 04-10-1934:
Parent of Ardell,Sharolyn
LIEN Clarice 01-30-1911 TO 10-05-1936
LIEN Darrel Francis 1937
LIEN Dina E 1881-1945
LIEN Dorthea 1846-1929
LIEN Eleanor J 1900-1989
LIEN Even 1936-1918
LIEN Gerhard 1908-1915
LIEN Gina ???? TO 06-20-1902 024 yrs
LIEN Harris 1-04-1913 TO 03-17-1991
Married 04-10-1934:
Parent of Ardell,Sharolyn:Veteran
LIEN Henery A 09-29-1877 TO 04-19-1942
LIEN Julia 11-30-1876 TO 05-16-1941
LIEN Lars 06-30-1849 TO 07-18-1930
LIEN Luella 1909-1991
LIEN Oscar 1888-1968
LIEN Sonja Dianne 1937-
LIEN Vernon 1927-1978
LIEN Walter C O 1913-1937
LIEN Walter Glasrud 1937
East Norway Lake Lutheran Church Cemetery

Lien Albert 1880-1953
Lien Betsy 1896-1916
Lien Elizabeth M. 1858-1945
Lien Henry 1890-1913
Lien Minnie 1897-1950
Lien Mynard C. Baby-1920
Lien Olaf P. 1882-1883
Lien Oluf 1886-1965
Lien Ped Ewal 1877-1908
Lien Peder E. 1888-1958
Lien Peder P. 1849-1923
Lien Sophie 1903-1972
Maynard Lutheran Cemetery, Maynard, Chippewa Co., MN

LIEN Aghes V 1908-1992
LIEN Berdella T 1913-
LIEN Elmer O 1901-1987
LIEN George O 1912-
LIEN Harlen G 05-01-1947 TO 03-28-1994
LIEN Harriet I 1914-1988
LIEN Kermit H 1918-1996
LIEN Marguerita A 1931-1946
LIEN Roald 1950-1995
Israel Lutheran Cemetery, Swede Prairie Township, Yellow Medicine Co., MN

LIEN, Martin (37)
11/15/1861 02/04/1937
Age: 75 years, 2 months, 19 days
Cemetery Lot No. 6, Block No. 1, S1/2 of NW 1/4 of W1/2

Mary (25)
06/24/1868 04/22/1934
Age: 65 years, 9 months, 28 days
Wife of Martin Lien
Cemetery Lot No.6, Block No.1, N1/2 of NW 1/4 of W1/2

Olga (109)
1905 1977
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Martin Lien
Cemetery Lot No. 6, Block No. 1, N1/2 of NE 1/4 of E1/2

LIEN, John (118)
02/22/1901 03/11/1983
Age: 81 years
Husband of Emma Lien
Cemetery Lot No. 28, Block No. 1, S1/2 of NE 1/4 of E1/2

Emma (147)
03/09/1911 05/02/1998
Age: 87 years
Wife of John Lien
Cemetery Lot No. 28, Block No. 1, N1/2 of E1/2
Bethlehem Cemetery
Ulen, Clay County, Minnesota

Lien, Ella R. b. 1884 d. 1945
Lien, Ernest b. 1914 d. 1916
Lien, Samuel b. 1921 d. 1921
Lien, Sebert A. b. 1883 d. 1977
Aspelund Lutheran Church Cemetery
Flom, Minnesota
Lot 69B-1
6/30/1908 1/21/1983
BORN TO: Gustav & Emelia (Vangen) Lien
MARRIED TO: Frances Wolbeck on December 20, 1929
SONS: Hilmer & Gerald
DAUGHTERS: Marion (Bond), Caroline (Krejci) & Irene (Gudding)
SISTERS: Minnie (Thompson), Selma (Lindemen), Alma (Holm)
Woodlawn Cemetery, Winona Co., MN

LIEN, S? 1887-1958
LIEN, PEARL G. 1898-1975
LIEN, DAYTON C. 1922-1995
LIEN, MARILYN L. 1939-1991
Granite Falls City Cemetery, Granite Falls, Yellow Medicine Co., MN

Lien George A 11/03/1856 07/02/1941
Lien Louisa 05/29/1860 07/25/1938
Riverview Cemetery, Melrude, Ellsburg Twp., St. Louis County, Minnesota

Aili Rask Floyd A
1910 - 1981 1912 - 1986
Floyd A Lien
TEC 5 US Army
World War II
Jan 13, 1912 Sep 19, 1986

Mother Father
Mary W Peter O
1875 - 1966 1868 - 1943
St. Mary's Cemetery, Winona, Winona Co., MN

LIEN, JACK C. 1930-1957
LIEN, DOLORES R. 1929-1957
Corinthian Cemetery

Arne Lien
married Theresa 21 February 1942

Theresa Lien 1909-____
married Arne 21 February 1942
Ella Lien Female 1896 Sept 17 2 Minnesota Peter O. & Anne Lien
Calvary Cemetery
Ulen, Clay County, Minnesota

Lien, Robert D. b. 1937 d. 1939
Zoar Moravian Church Cemetery

Lois R. Lien 1932-1993

Sep 23, 2005 · Reply
Bev Gillihan Old Romsdal Cemetery
Highland Twp, Lincoln County, South Dakota

Lien, Anna, d. 1876, grv. 23
Romsdal Cemetery
Norway Twp, Lincoln County, South Dakota

Lien, Adolph, b. 1884, d. 1918
Lien, Enoch, b. 1886, d. 1923
Lien, Ida, b. 1860, d. 1933
Lien, Peter, b. 1887, d. 1921
Black Hills National Cemetery
Sturgis, Meade County, South Dakota

Lien, Adelia,
b. 01/09/1922, d. 11/21/1996,
US Navy, F2, Res: Lake Andes, SD, Plot: G 0 6873,
bur. 11/27/1996
Lien, James Lawrence,
b. 01/07/1946, d. 02/27/1968,
BM3 US NAVY, Plot: E 1269,
bur. 03/15/1968,
Lien, Milton Perry,
b. 04/29/1920, d. 06/15/1987,
EM/1C US NAVY, Plot: G 8150,
bur. 06/19/1987,
Lien, Phyllis M,
b. 04/27/1925, d. 06/12/1995,
US Army, PFC, Res: Nemo, SD, Plot: G 0 8150,
bur. 06/16/1995
Lien, Richard Farell,
b. 10/30/1942, d. 04/18/1990,
CPL USMC, Plot: G 7647,
bur. 04/20/1990,
Lien, Russell Nickolas,
b. 07/13/1919, d. 10/18/1987,
SFC US ARMY, Plot: G 6873,
bur. 10/22/1987,
South Nora Pioneer Cemetery
Cass County, North Dakota

Lien, Erik Peterson, b. 1816, d. 1896
Lien, Marin, b. 1824, d. 1907
Sep 23, 2005 · Reply
Bev Gillihan Oroville Cemetery, Oroville, CA

Ernest Lien
Died Sept. 14, 1908,
Aged 42 years
Native of Sweden
Sep 24, 2005 · Reply
Bev Gillihan LIEN, _____
Residence: Meridean, Washington. From Nordfjord, Norway. Civil War: Captain. Post war: He was given a pension of $40 a month.
Sources: (Ulvestad p256)

LIEN, Dreng Arnesen
Residence: Scandinavia, Wisconsin. Civil War: Private. Did not come back after the war. Sources: (Ulvestad p307)

LIEN, Endre
From Vang, Valders, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Lived in Renville County, Minnesota. Sources: (Ulvestad p307)

LIEN, Hendrik Larson
Born in Rukkedalen, Nes, Hallingdal, Norway, 23 Dec 1825. Came to America in 1845, settled near East Koshkonong. Civil War: He sold his first team of colts and paid out the money to exempt himself from service. Sources: ("The Lien Family History" by Abel E. Lien, Portland, North Dakota. Privately published 1930.)

LIEN, Jonas
Residence: Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Son of Sioux Falls Mayor Borre Lien, who came from Singsaas, Trondhjem. Spanish-American War: Jonas Lien became a Regimental Adjutant in this war. He was killed in battle in the Philippines. Sources: (Ulvestad 252)

LIEN, Mathias
MN. Civil War: Enlisted at Stillwater, Minnesota. Private. Survived the war. Post war: Died in Martell, Wisconsin, in 1881. Left widow and six children. Sources: (Ulvestad p306)

LIEN, Ole E.
MN 10th Inf Co D. Residence: Goodhue County, Minnesota. Born 17 Dec 1835 in Hemsedal, Hallingdal, Norway. Came to America in 1861. Civil War: Enlisted 22 Aug 1862. Private. Post war: In 1869, he came to Barrett, Grant County, Minnesota, and settled in Lien Township. Married 25 Jun 1871 to Margaret Hustad. Eleven children. In 1902, he moved in to Elbow Lake. Died 2 Nov 1914 at his home. Buried in Immanuel Cemetery in Lien Township. Sources: (Ulvestad p307) (Obituary, Grant County Herald”, 5 Nov 1914 p 4) (“History of Douglas and Grant Counties, Minnesota”, by Constant Larson, publ 1916, B.F.Bowen & Co, Indianapolis.) “Lien, Ole Evenson”

LIEN, Ole G.
WI 12th Inf Co B. From Valders, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Lived in Sioux Rapids, Iowa. Buried in Hill Side Cemetery, Egan, South Dakota, lot 10, block G-2, grave 5. Sources: (Ulvestad p307) (Letter to Minneapolis Norwegian Language Newspaper, 1892, signed A.K.Brenden, Bend, Oregon) (SDSHS WPA Veterans Cemetery Records, Moody County)

LIEN, Syver Syverson
WI 46th Inf Co G. Residence: Blue Mounds, Dane County, Wisconsin. Enlistment credited to Fountain Prairie, Columbia County. Born in Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Age 44. Married. Blue eyes, light hair, light complexion, 5’9”. Enlisted for one year on 17 Feb 1865 at Madison, Wisconsin, and mustered there on 23 Feb 1865. Bounty $100, $33.33 paid. Private. Mustered out with this Company on 27 Sep 1865 at Nashville, Tennessee. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 186-8,13; red book vol 51)

LIEN, Thomas A.
IA 32nd Inf Co K. Residence: Story City, Iowa. Born in Norway. Civil War: Age 32. Private. Enlisted 12 Aug 1862. Mustered 3 Sep 1862. Private. Mustered out 24 Aug 1865, Clinton, Iowa. Sources: (ISW-V p84)

LIEN, Thomas
From Hardanger, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Lived in Emmet County, Iowa. Sources: (Ulvestad p307)
Oct 26, 2005 · Reply
Bev Gillihan Henry and Marie were my Great Aunt and Uncle and although I barely remember Marie, my memories of Uncle Henry are clear and loving. He was the one who sponsored my Mother and I so we could come to the States from Canada. It was Uncle Henry who took us in when we arrived and cared for us until my Mother found work and we could get a home of own own. Uncle Henry got her a job where he worked and she worked there until she retired 25 years later.
Back then our milk was delivered in bottles and on one particular day Uncle Henry went out to the porch to bring the bottles in and slipped and fell, seriously cutting his hands. As a child I was terrified by the blood of which there was alot and horrified to see my beloved Uncle in such dire straits. The cuts looked worse than they were though and he mended. I remember Grandma and Mama, Uncle Henry and I all sitting in the parlor in the evenings listning to the radio, my favorite, although not his was the "Shadow". If I remember right, he liked the fights.......
There was a lot of broken English in that house, his Swedish, and Gramdma's Norwegian but they spoke very clearly when it came to love.

Birth: 20 Jan 1870 in Sollia,Osterdalen,,Norway
Death: 13 Mar 1947 in Seattle,King,WA
Burial: 15 Mar 1947 Seattle,King,WA
Marie was a Norwegian. She was married and widowed once before her marriage to Henry. She had four children by her first husband, whose surname was SYVERSON, a Norwegian. Marie is buried at the Evergreen Cemetery in Seattle, WA.
Father: Gjermund Pederson LIEN b: Abt 1849 in Norway
Mother: Anne GUNDERSDATTER b: Abt 1850 in Norway
Marriage: Frans Henrik GUSTAFSON
b: 17 Sep 1874 in Eksjo,Jonkoping,Smaland,Sweden
Married: 16 Jul 1900 in White Rock,,SD
Baby Boy GUSTAFSON birth b: Abt 1901 in White Rock,,SD
Anna Elizabeth GUSTAFSON birth b: 10 Jul 1902 in White Rock,,SD
Henry Marion GUSTAFSON birth b: 31 Mar 1905 in White Rock,,SD
Roy William GUSTAFSON birth b: 24 Nov 1912 in Moose

Frans Henrik was commonly known as Henry in America.
1874 Frans Henrik's first home was called "Stromsholm". The family moved
from there in 1875 to Nassjo.
1876 The family moved to Boxholm and their home was called "Strensholm". It was a large white plastered house with a stone fence in front along the highway. They built this fence with rocks gathered from the yard. The long building on the north side is where his father had his shoe shop. That is where Frans Henrik and his brothers learned the trade. In 1953 the house was still standing. In 1975 the main house was gone and only a small house at the side remained. Asta (Gunnar's wife) said it simply fell apart.
1893 On 5 July, Frans Henrik immigrated to America through New York.
1893 - 1895 Frans worked for the F.W. Johnson Co. in White Rock, SD.
In 1896 Frans attended Archibald's Business College in Minneapolis, MN. 1896 - 1897, he worked as a bookkeeper for R. Finley & Co. in Gilby, ND. On 7 May 1897 he filed and intent to become a citizen of the USA in Ramsey County, ND.
On 12 July 1900, a Declaration of Citizenship was issued in Roberts County, SD under the name of Henry Gustafson. Listed in the 1900 Census for White rock, SD, Henry was living with his brother Ivar and a friend named Soleman Oscarson. Mr. Oscarson owned a store in White Rock.
1901 a son was born and died at birth. In White Rock, Henry was part owner of the Globe Clothing Store. His partner was C. P. Johnson.
1905 son Henry (called Hank) was born. Marie was very ill after this birth. The doctors thought she might die and all the family was gathered together. At this time, Marie was 35 years old.
1910 Henry sold his share in the Globe Clothing Store to his partner.
According to the Bill of Sale dated 2 April 1910, the following accounting was made: Assets $4,019.44; 50% to Johnson $2,009,72; liabilities $1997.22; paid to Marie Gustafson: only $12.50. The family followed Henry to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada and lived at 1137 Second Avenue Northwest. Henry worked as a bookkeeper or accountant for Gray-Campbell Ltd. in Moose Jaw.
1912 A son, Roy William, was born on 24 November. His sister Anna remembers that it was on a Sunday. She heard some crying in the night which sounded like a kitten. In the morning, she asked her father about the new kitten. He said, "that's not a kitten, it's your new baby brother". Marie was now 42 years old. Anna also remembers that her mother went totally blind from uremic poisioning just before Roy was born, but was alright after the birth.
1918 The family moved to Seattle, WA. Mother, Roy, Anna, and Hank arrived at Blaine, WA 26 August by train, Frans Henrik (Henry) having preceded them to Seattle. Henry worked as an accountant for the Rainier Brewery and then Schwabacher Hardware Co. until he retired in 1939.
1947 Marie died in Seattle, age 77. Henry lived with Marie's sister, Oline Flanders until she died in 1953. At the time of his death, he was living with his daughter, Anna Gustafson Bristol at 4936 South 114th Street in Seattle.
1956 Henry started failing on 25 September. He was taken to the hospital on 2 October where he died on 8 October. He was 82 years old. The following obituary notice in the Seattle times was dated 9 October 1956; "...Also surviving him were his sons, Henry M. Gustafson, Seattle; Col. R. W. Gustafson, Washington, D. C.; stepchildren G. I. Syverson, Seattle; O. H. Syverson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; and Mrs J. C. Hagen, Redmond. He had 10 grandchildren and 6 great granchildren". Henry is buried at the Evergreen Cemetery in Seattle.
His granddaughter Nanna GUSTAFSON CRABILL wrote that her strongest memories of him are his laughing brown eyes, little moustache and teaching her songs in Swedish when she was a child.
Oct 31, 2005 · Reply