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Richard Garrett Lucy May Dawson was born January 24, 1843 in Grayson, Carter County, Kentucky. She married Baltas Hankes on September 18, 1866. I am lucky enough to have copies of Lucy's diary entries For Example, the following were from Lucy May Dawson Hankes’ writting of March 1899.

I am glad to have the opportunity to give my views on the great question of woman suffrage. I am opposed to it. I think woman wanting to vote is so absurd. I think it would be very degrading for a woman to go to the polls on election day with all kinds of ruffians both black and white. I hope the sisters will give up the idea. Our husbands would think much less of us. Our brothers would scorn us and our lovers would leave us, for what man would like to see a woman in a crowd of drunk men waiting for her turn to vote. Sisters let us look up to higher and nobler things. Stay at home, make things comfortable for our menfolks when they come home. Let us give up all thoughts of voting. I shudder at the thought of it ever becoming a law. Let us hear from all the Sisters.
I have plenty of other entries I am willing to share.
Jan 06, 2009 · Reply
Richard Garrett This is a follow-up to my Women Voting Post. It is a diary entry by Lucy May Dawson, wife of Baltus Hankes, descrbing the impending Civil War.

November 10, 1860. We have been gathering nuts and grapes today and having a good time while our older folks are shaking their heads and saying "Sure as Lincoln is elected, we will have a bloody war, for he is for giving Negroes freedom and we will not have that. We will fight for our rights". And today, Mart DeVoe came in our crowd with a white shirt with a black stripe down the front - a Lincolnite Shirt, and Bet Goble, Aggie Roberts, Bet Morris, Mary Canfield and myself lashed him with hazel nut switches and run him out of our crowd. Oh, I hope he will never be elected. I am afraid of war.
Jan 06, 2009 · Reply