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  • T 12.5%
  • Patricia 12.5%
  • Muhammad afzal 12.5%
  • William 12.5%
  • Tony 12.5%
  • Julia 12.5%
  • Mary 12.5%
  • Lekonder 12.5%

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Khurram Shahid Machuk Origin of Machuk مچک Tribe in Phullawai پھولاوئی
Machuk "مچک" is a tribe قبیلہ belong to Dard Shina شینا Speaking family. They are called Machuk as the their forefather's name was Machuk. Machuk was a great warrior and his origin is Chillas "چلاس" situated in current District of Gilgit Baltistan. 1300 years ago the Machuk has migrated with his family to Chitral, Jammu Kashmir and Afghanistan while some of sons were remain there in Northern Areas of Pakistan. Due to dispute between Machuk and his brother Bhoto بوٹو for the rule over and Jagir in the old Broshal State بروشال ریاست.

Jamal Khan Machuk
In Phullawai پھولاوئی Gurase Valley وادی گریس Haider Khan Machuk has arrived from Chillas چلاس while his relatives are in Astore استور. Haider Khan Machuk has three sons Muhammad Khan Machuk, Akmat Khan Machuk and Rozi Khan Machuk. Jamal Khan Machuk was a famous Social Leader as well prominent politial leader was son of Akmat Khan Machuk while Muhammad Afzal Khan Machuk also belong from the generation of Akmat Khan Machuk. Subidar Muhammad Afzal Khan محمد افضل خان is a Social Worker of Phullawai belong to Shina Machuk Tribal. He has a vital role in development of Gurase Valley specially of Phullawai پھولاوئی. Many projects have been completed on his behalf by international organizations while he made his best efforts to get rights of people from government. The visible little bit awareness raising in the community for Education and their development is due to him. We all salute him on his mark-able efforts for the area.

Muhammad Afzal khan Machuk
Geographic Distribution of Machuk Tribe مچک قبائل
Mostly Machuk Tribe are in Chatral, Astore, Chillas, Ghizer, Giligit, Gurez Valley of india occupied kashmir گریز مقبوضہ کشمیر, Phullawai Gurase Valley وادی گریس پھولاوئی and Azad Kashmir and Afghanistan. While its still need to explore the information on the migration of Machuk tribe from chillas to Chatral, Jammu Kashmir and Afghanistan, their rule /kingdom in Chatral and KAshmir for along period.

Khurram Shahid Machuk
Famous Machuk Family personalities
Jamal Khan Machuk (A great influential business man of the time during kashmir partition, and is a great social worker)
Muhammad Afzal Khan Machuk (A social activist and political figure)
Khurram Jamal Shahid خرم جمال شاہد(a Social worker having a vital role in development of the people of Neelum Valley, founder of Sustainable Development organization, Kashmir, a researcher on Machuk Tribes of Shina Speaking dard family).
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