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Most Common First Names

  • Peter 18.8%
  • Lloyd 6.3%
  • Ralph 6.3%
  • Barbara 6.3%
  • William 6.3%
  • Victoria 6.3%
  • Clara 6.3%
  • Annette 6.3%
  • Frank 6.3%
  • Ina 6.3%
  • Albert 6.3%
  • Herberth 6.3%
  • Zora 6.3%
  • Lawrence 6.3%

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Dorota Dziadkowiec Around 1989 Victoria Cielesz Macknic with her daughter Barbara to visited my and my family in Poland-Cracow. Victoria was related to my grandmother Fryderyka Bochenek (Nosal). I would like to know the rest of the family and the way relatedness. Please contact: [contact link]
Here are the pictures with Victoria and Barbara from my blog:
[external link]
Dec 09, 2013 · Reply