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Most Common First Names

  • James 3.5%
  • William 2.7%
  • John 2.3%
  • Mary 1.8%
  • Robert 1.8%
  • Charles 1.1%
  • Thomas 0.9%
  • Richard 0.8%
  • George 0.8%
  • David 0.7%
  • Roy 0.7%
  • Michael 0.6%
  • J 0.6%
  • Annie 0.6%
  • Henry 0.5%
  • Willie 0.5%
  • Ruth 0.5%
  • Dorothy 0.5%
  • Carl 0.4%
  • Frank 0.4%

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Nancy Carty My grandfather Arthur W. Mauldin was born in North Carolina and was one of 13 children. His
mother was full blooded cherokee indian. I only know of two of his brothers....they are Richard Mauldin and Robert (Bob) Mauldin and i only know of one sister.....Rosalyn Mauldin who
last lived in Florida.

Grandad married Evelyn Shepard and they had two children, Betty Jean Mauldin (later Carty)
and Arthur W. Mauldin, Jr. Betty was my mother and passed away in 2001.

My great grandad owned a grocery store in south carolina in his later years which is still
there but the name Mauldin's grocery has changed.

I would love any information on this [external link] i would like to know who the rest of the
Mauldin's are....that were grandad's brothers and sisters....and would like to contact any
one who is related to this family.

thank you
Nov 08, 2006 · Reply