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Nona Guard Daniel Maupin
Birth: 25 MAR 1700 in England
Death: 20 SEP 1788 in Whitehall, Albemarle Co., Virginia
Occupation Planter. From Hanover to Albermarle in 1747
Sep 1745 - Charles Moorman deeds land to Daniel Maupin in Albermarle Co., Virginia
Albermarle Co., Deeds index cited by Davis-Rev. Balley Fulton Davis,
"The Deeds of Amherst Co., Va 1761-1807 and Albermarle Co., Virgia
1748-1763" Southern Historical Press
Father: Gabriel MAUPIN b: 12 FEB 1654/55 in Jargeau, France
Mother: Marie HERSENT b: 15 SEP 1664 in Guevres, France

Marriage 1 Margaret VIA b: BEF. 3 AUG 1701 in St Peter's Parish, Hanover Co., Virginia
Married: 1719 in Hanover Co., Virginia
Gabriel MAUPIN b: 1720 in Williamsburg, Virginia
Mary MAUPIN b: 1723 in Hanover Co., Virginia
John MAUPIN b: 1725 in Hanover Co., Virginia
Daniel MAUPIN b: 1727 in Hanover Co., Virginia
William G. MAUPIN b: 1732 in Hanover Co., Virginia
Zaccariah MAUPIN b: 1735 in Hanover Co., Virginia
Margaret MAUPIN b: 1736 in Hanover Co., Virginia
Jane MAUPIN b: 1738 in Hanover Co., Virginia
Jesse MAUPIN b: 1740 in Hanover Co., Virginia
Thomas MAUPIN b: 1741 in Hanover Co., Virginia

Sex: M
Birth: 1725 in Hanover Co., Virginia
Death: 1806 in Albemarle Co., Virginia

Source from James C. Moule ******

11 August 1763 - Daniel Maupin deeded to his son, John Maupin,
150 acres where he lives adjacent to Daniel Maupin
(Albermarle Co., Va Deeds Book 3,
page 324

Father: Daniel MAUPIN b: 25 MAR 1700 in England
Mother: Margaret VIA b: BEF. 3 AUG 1701 in St Peter's Parish, Hanover Co., Virginia

Marriage 1 Frances DABNEY b: 1733 in Hanover Co., Virginia
Married: 1753 in Hanover Co., Virginia 1
Thomas MAUPIN b: ABT. 1754 in Albermale Co., Virginia
Frances MAUPIN b: ABT. 1755
Sarah MAUPIN b: ABT. 1755 in Albermale Co., Virginia
William Mountain Billy MAUPIN b: 19 NOV 1759
Daniel MAUPIN b: 16 SEP 1756 in Albermale Co., Virginia
Dabney MAUPIN b: ABT. 1758
Cornelius MAUPIN b: 3 FEB 1758
John MAUPIN b: 1760
Mary MAUPIN b: 1 FEB 1767
Robert Overton MAUPIN b: 23 NOV 1772
Jennings MAUPIN b: 26 NOV 1774
Carr MAUPIN b: 1776

Surname: Maupin
Given Name: John
Sex: M
Birth: 1725 1
Death: 1806

Father: Daniel MAUPIN
Mother: Margaret VIA

Marriage 1 Frances (Fanny) DABNEY b: 1731 in Hanover, Albemarle, Virginia
c: 1731 in , Hanover, Virginia
Married: ABT 1755 in Virginia

Title: Internet info on the Dabney line
Cornelius Dabney was born 2 May 1631 and was christened
11 Dec 1631 in Bucknall, Lincolnshire, England.
He died before 1 May 1694 in St Peters Par., New Kent Co., VA. Cornelius married
Susanna Swann on 13 Jul 1668. [Parents] The origin of Cornelius Dabney, ancestor of the Dabneys of Colonial Virginia, never has been proven to my satisfaction.
However, keeping in mind the variant spellings of the name,
I would accept the preponderence of evidence that he was the
"Cornelius Daubeny christened 11 Dec. 1631, the son of Theodore Daubney,
town parish of Bucknall," Lincolnshire, England (Bishops Transcripts of Bucknall).
"Theodore Dawbney was christened 6 June 1606, the son of John Daubney, town parish of Scotter,"Lincolnshire (Lincolnshire IGI, p. 6215).
According to the Lincolnshire archivist "it is highly likely" that Theodore was the son of "John Dawbney, born Scotter 1570, an alumnus of Cambridge University (St. John's College 1588), Vicar of Calverton, Nottinghamshire, and Rector of Scotter, Lincolnshire 1605-1610" (J. Venn, Alumni Cantabrigiensis, Part 1. From the Earliest Times to 1751, Vol. II (Fabbs-Juxton), 1922, p. 18). Theodor Dawbney married Dorothy Batts (Batte?) on 30 April 1630 (Bishops Transcripts of Bucknall). It is significant that Cornelius Dabney, the first in Virginia, named two daughters "Dorothy," presumably for his mother (see below). Unfortunately, no wills are extant for John, Theodor, and Cornelius Dawbney (Dabney). Cornelius Debany (Dabony) was granted 200 acres in New Kent County, Virginia on 27 Sept. 1664 beg, at the mouth of Totopotomoys Cr. Upon the S. side of Yorke Riv., etc. (Patent Book #5, p. 406); 640 acres upon the lower side of Tottopotomoys Cr. etc. on 7 June 1666 (Patent Book # 5, p.625), and 100 acres on south side Yorke Riv. Above Totopotomoyes Cr. beg. at the mouth of same on 16 Mar. 1667/8 (Patent Book #6, p.114; Cavaliers and Pioneers by Nell Nugent, Vol. 1, pp. 515 and 559, and Vol. 2, p. 31).This land is now in Hanover County. In 1679 the Pamunkey Indians leased for 99 years "six or seven hundred acres" to Cornelius Dabney (English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records, compiled by Louis des Cognets, Jr., p. 58). In Sainsbury's Abstracts of Colonial State Papers, in the Public Records Office in London, there are two letters from Cornelius Dabney, the "Interpreter to the Queen of Pamunkey." The first is a state letter from the Queen of the Pamunkeys translated by Cornelius Dabney in his official capacity and transmitted to Colonel Francis Moryson of the Royal Commission of Virginia. The second is a personal letter to Colonel Moryson, dated Virginia, Jun ye 29th, 1678, in which Cornelius Dabney concluded: "...Sr. my wife Eedeth has her humble service p'sented unto y' Hono'. (she) would gladly send y' one of her Boyes a yeare or two hence.My humble service to y' Hono'. I am: Sr: y' Hono's most humble servant in all obedience. Cornelius Dabney." (Charles William Dabney, "The Origin of the Dabney Family of Virginia," Va. Mag. of History and Biography, April 1937, Vol. 45, No. 2, p. 134). On 22 May 1686, Mr. Cornelius Dabnee was listed as a vestryman of St. Peter's Parish Church, New Kent. He died between 23 October 1693 and 1 May 1694 (Vestry Book and Register of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia 1684-1786, transcribed and edited by C. G. Chamberlayne (Richmond: The Library Board, 1937, pp. 4, 40, 43)). In 1699 his children "James Dabney, Geo. Dabney, Dorothy Dabney, and Sarah Dabney (were) devisees of Cornelius Dabney dec'd (of) 700 acres to which is added of Low Land thereto adjoining 150 acres" in Pamunkey Neck.(Louis des Cognets, Jr., English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records, p.59). "The Library of Virginia Digital Collection" (Electronic Card Index) records these Land Office Patents and Grants in King and Queen Co. in Pamunkey Neck: Date To Whom Granted Number of Acres Patent Book 25 Apr 1701 Dabney, James 204 #9, p. 346 " Anderson, Dorothy (Dabney) 179.5 #9, p. 350 " Dabney, George 293 #9, p. 351 " Dabney, Sarah 179 #9. p. 352 1 Apr 1702 Dabney, James 1000 #9, p. 445 Cornelius Dabney's children were recorded further by Louis des Cognets, Jr. (English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records, pp. 4, 5, 14, 25, 36)as follows: List of Justices of the Peace Appointed: 1702 King William Co. George Dabney 1710 " James Dabney, Gent. 1710 " William Anderson (husband of Dorothy Dabney) 1714 " George Dabney 1726 " George Dabney List of Sheriffs Appointed: 1713 King William Co. George Dabney In the Vestry Book of St. Peter's Parish are records of: Burials in April 1688 of "Jn: sone to Cornelius Dabenie (probably named for Cornelius' grandfather John Dawbney) and Eliz: daugh to Cornelius Dabenie" (Page 426). Baptism on 11 Nov. 1698 of Eliz. daughter of Geo. Dabney (Page 349). Baptism on 8 Jan. 1698/9 of Welthan daughter of James Dabney (Page 350).James Dabney had married Ann, daughter of Philip Sherwood of Rappahanock Co. (Essex Co. Book 8, p. 279, April 1690). In Old New Kent County, Vol. 2, p. 883, Dr. Malcolm Hart Harris reported that after the death of his first wife Eedeth, Cornelius Dabney married Susanah, whose second husband was David Anderson. In her will dated 5 February 1724 (Hanover County Will Book 1, 1862-1868, Reel 1, pp. 632-634, Virginia State Library), Susanah Dabney-Anderson named her children: Cornelius Dabney, the executor of her will. He married Sarah Jennings on 17 April 1721 (Virginia Marriage Records, by Wm. M. Clemons, Virginia State Library). His will was proved on 7 Feb. 1765 in which he named his wife Sarah and children William, John, Cornelius (deceased), Mary Elizabeth Maupin, Fanny Maupin, and Anna Thompson (Hanover County Will Book 1, 1862-1868, Reel 1, beginning page 634, Virginia State Library).An executor of his will was his second son, John Dabney, who became a Brigadier General in the Revolutionary War. Dorothy, wife of James Trice. Therefore, Cornelius Dabney named two daughters Dorothy, presumably for his mother Dorothy (Batts) Dabney. (His first daughter by Eedeth named Dorothy married William Anderson and may have died before this second daughter Dorothy by Susanah was born). Mary, wife of Capt. Thomas Carr. They were the grandparents of Dabney Carr, who married Martha, sister of Thomas Jefferson (Old New Kent County, by Dr. Malcolm Hart Harris, Vol. 2. pp. 956-957). David Anderson. As a 10th generation Virginian, I have worked on the Dabneys for 25 years. My data is well documented, mainly by original records. Please advise me if you have any additions or corrections to this data. Contributed by Dabney N. McLean, author of: Henry Soane, Progenitor of Thomas Jefferson (1985) Mary Horsmanden Byrd of "Westover" (1989) The English Ancestry of Thomas Jefferson (1996) For more information, please contact SOURCE *********
Dabney N. McLean at: [contact link] or
visit the Virginia Genealogy web site at VAGenWeb THANKS

3147. Susanna Swann was born 1643 in Pamunkey River, St Peters Par., New Kent Co., VA. She died Feb 1723/1724 in Hanover Co., VA. SPOUSE-DEATH: Genealogies of Virginia Families II, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1981

3148. Cornelius Dabney is printed as #3146.
3149. Edith Moryson was born about 1631.

Title: The Early Descendants of Wm. Overton & Elizabeth Waters of Virginia and Allied Families
Author: W.P. Anderson
Sep 06, 2007 · Reply
Jeannette Collins I am the grand daughter of John Henry Lewis and Catherine E. Maupin/Lewis. My grand mother was born approximately in the year of 1882, I believe somewhere in Virginia, and died June 18, 1920 in Gambrill's, Maryland. My grand father worked for the B&O Railroad. They lived in Maryland, where both of them died. My grand father passed away in 1950. I don't remember either one, of coarse, as I was only 1 year old when my grand father passed away, and my dad didn't talk about his parents hardly at all. There isn't a lot of information for me to do a genealogical search. Neither grand parent is listed in the SSI. I understand, though, that anyone working for the Railroad had different ID#'s. The story that my mother passed down was that when Catherine (Kate) married my grand father, she was disinherited by her family. My grand father wasn't a rich man by any means, but I like to think that didn't matter to either one of them, and that they married because they just fell in love.( I guess I'm a romantic at heart.) I was also told that when my grand mother passed away, one of her parents offered to take over the care of their children, but my grand father refused the offer not wanting to give up his children. They had 5 children that I know of. William J., Clifton L., Gertrude, Beulah, and Alice. I only knew my Aunt Alice, and only slightly remember my Uncle Will. I don't have any pictures of either one of my grand parents.
My next step is to send away for my grand parents death certificates to see if there is any information on my grand mother that would help me in my research. My sister and I are desperately trying to find out any information we can to add on to our family tree.
My grandparents, along with several of their children are buried in the cemetary of a Methodist church in Gambrill's, Maryland. They don't even have a tombstone on their graves, but their records are listed in the church's historical records, starting about 1915. They raised their children as Methodist's. My grand father was baptised into the church at that time.
I'm not looking for anything but information on my father's side of the family. There's just so little information on my grand parents at all, and I just want to find our father's family history.
If anyone remembers a story like this in their family history, please do not hesitate to contact me. My father, and all of his siblings have passed away, and there is no one I can contact for any information.
Jan 23, 2009 · Reply