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  • John 8.2%
  • James 8.2%
  • Alexander 3.3%
  • Marie 3.3%
  • Albert 3.3%
  • Gerald 3.3%
  • Joseph 3.3%
  • Vincent 3.3%
  • Mary 3.3%
  • Marietta 1.6%
  • Marjorie 1.6%
  • George 1.6%
  • Alex 1.6%
  • Gerard 1.6%
  • Maria 1.6%
  • Arthur 1.6%
  • Alexander t. 1.6%
  • Hugh 1.6%
  • Rose 1.6%
  • Paul 1.6%

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Lucy Russell Peter McConomy 1804-1877 was the son of Neal McConomey (@1769-1839) an Irish immigrant, and Ann McGinness who settled in Lancaster, Pa, where Neal was naturalized as a citizen in 1807. Peter apprenticed to his father and took up his trade of shoemaker. He eventually owned a small shoe manufacturing business. Peter McConomy was very active in the civic life of Lancaster: serving on the city's first school board in 1838, raising money for victims of the Irish famine in 1847, serving as trustee of the Home for Friendless Children in 1859, and so on. The library for the Mechanic's Society was housed upstairs from his shoe store. A contemporaneous account refers to him as "a respected merchant, and a man of strict integrity."

Peter McConomy also devoted a lot of his time to the Catholic church, becoming a prominent member of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Lancaster. Family legend has it that he laid out the "new" cemetery of St Mary's church, and planted the trees that lined the avenue leading to the family burial plot there.

Peter McConomy's shoe store was located on West King Street in Lancaster, very near the store owned by Charles Gillespie. Both men are listed as members of the same societies and committees and both served on the Building Committee for the "new" St. Mary's church building built in 1854. So the two men (both my great-great-grand grandfathers) must have known each other well for a long time before their children married each other.

The wife of Peter McConomy, Rebecca Rudisill,1806-1893 had probably lived at least part of her life in Franklin County, Pa. She was the daughter of John Adam Rudisill (1776-1837), a saddler, and Elizabeth Wolff (1784-1841). Rebecca's ancestors on both sides (as far as I can trace) were part of the Pennsylvania German community. She was raised in the Lutheran church, but converted to Catholicism, probably when she married Peter McConomy. She and Peter are both buried in St. Mary's Catholic Church cemetery in Lancaster, Pa.
Jun 18, 2007 · Reply