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Most Common First Names

  • James 3.8%
  • John 3.6%
  • William 3.1%
  • Mary 2.1%
  • Robert 2.1%
  • Charles 1.5%
  • George 1.2%
  • Thomas 1.0%
  • Joseph 0.9%
  • Helen 0.9%
  • Margaret 0.8%
  • Richard 0.8%
  • Edward 0.8%
  • Raymond 0.7%
  • Frank 0.7%
  • Daniel 0.6%
  • Francis 0.6%
  • Clarence 0.6%
  • Harold 0.6%
  • J 0.6%

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Jennifer Galpin I am searching for my siblings. I was born in 1947 in Pontiac, Michigan at St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital. Fathers name on Birth Certificate is Daniel Edward McVay born 1902 from Petoskey, Michigan. Daniel had a sister by the name of Theresa. About 1930 he moved to Pontiac, Michigan. Mothers name on birth certificate reads Winifred D. Gagno (but I think this is a mistake) I believe her real name is Winifred D. Gagnon from, Northport, Michigan. She also moved to Pontiac, Michigan in about 1930. I have 3 or 4 siblings, all older than me. Born, say between 1940 and 1947. I am not totally sure if the state took these kids away or if she gave them up voluntarily. They were probably put in foster care or stayed at the Oakland County Childrens Village until they were placed. Not sure if any were adopted but I assume they were, because I was. I am not sure if Winifred and Daniel were married. I do know that she married a Russell Lunsford of Pontiac, Michigan. All 3 of these people are deceased. If anyone can help shed some light on this, please, please, contact me directly at [contact link]
Jennifer Galpin
for Judy
Apr 26, 2008 · Reply