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Mednansky Surname History

Hungarian noble family, known since the early 14th century. Owned estates in Trencin County.
Originally from Turčianska stool where he won in 1356 and later village of cupric assets in  Hôrke nad Váhom, Trenčín in faeces and oak. In the 15th century acquired estates in Transylvania. In 1688 obtains baronial family title. Members of the genus focused in ethnography, art, journalism. Operate in a different economic functions and stoličných as Orava and Liptovská dressing gowns. The application found in the army to command lower postoch

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Mednansky Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Hungarian noble family

Mednansky Meaning & Etymology

The emergence of gender Mednyei - MedniánszkyThis family was one of the oldest noble families Hungary. Its genesis dates back to the reign of Arpad, but ancestors come from Trencin stool. Indeed proven track located on Trenčínském castle, where in 1312 he lived Mednyei János. His son James got help during a Neapolitan wars from King Ludwig I. donation (gift) cuprous village. In our time, the village called Horenická hot and is part Lednické Rovne. The village also received a noble family name and surname of cuprous Mednyánszky. Who knows whether cuprous village received its name in the days of serfdom, because its inhabitants cultivate bees and honey as a dozen (dežma) gave the estate to the castle Beckov?

Mednansky Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

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In the past, when few people knew how to write, names such as Mednansky were transcribed based on their pronunciation when people's names were recorded in official records. This could have given rise misspellings of Mednansky. Understanding misspellings and alternate spellings of the Mednansky family name are important to understanding the possible origins of the name. Family names like Mednansky transform in how they're written as they travel across villages, family lines, and countries over time.

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Famous People named Mednansky

Alojz Medňanský (1784-1844), Nitra bathrobe, Chairman and author of the Hungarian Chamber of natural works.
Ladislav Medňanský (1819-1849), an officer of the Hungarian revolutionary army, after the defeat of the revolution was sentenced to death and executed.
Dionýz Medňanský (1830-1911) Trencin bathrobe, author of works on geology and history.

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