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Mikesch Surname History

The Mikesch surname name is from Austria and its royalty. 

My grandfather was born in Austria.  His last name is Mikesch here in America. He moved to Bronx, New York and had a family.  His name was Adolph Mikesch.  I have since learned from someone in Whitehouse, NJ that her maiden name was Mikesch.  Neither this lady nor my grandparents knew each other.  This woman told me that in Austria the name is spelled "Mikes" but pronounced as Mikesch.  So here in the US they ad the "ch" so people say the name correctly as "Mikesch".   The woman also said that the name "Mikes" or Mikesch is in the family of descendents of the royalty of Austria.  For this i can not validate but its a start for someone who can take this further.   The name has been around for at least 200 years or more, if we consider the lineage of royalty.  Interestingly, this woman whose maiden name was Mikesch had a husband who was  in one of the first Olympic games held and won a medal.  I believe it was for running. This is Joy Piper, descendent of Adolph and Francess Mikesch.

According to at least one branch of the Mikesch family, the Mikesch family (originally spelled Mikes) is from Austria and is descended from Austrian royality. The meaning of the surname Mikesch family hasn't been added to this page, nor has a more detailed history of the family. (For what is known, scroll down.)  If you know more about the Mikesch (or Mikes) family, please add your knowledge to this page.

Mikesch Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

The Mikesch family is, at least according to one branch of the family, from Austria. According to at least one branch of the Mikesch family, this family is Austrian and descended from Austrian royality.

Mikesch Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of the surname "Mikesch" (or "Mikes" as it was originally spelled) has not been offered on this page.  Do you know the meaning or origin of this surname?

Mikesch Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

Some members of the Mikesch family say that the original spelling of this surname was "Mikes" and that it became "Mikesch" in order to make the pronunciation of the name clearer to others. (Mikes was pronounced Mikesch in Austria.)

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