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  • Joseph 8.8%
  • John 8.8%
  • Mary 4.4%
  • Edward 2.9%
  • Michael 2.9%
  • George 2.9%
  • Rose 2.5%
  • Frank 2.5%
  • Anna 2.0%
  • Elizabeth 2.0%
  • Marie 2.0%
  • William 2.0%
  • Rudolph 1.5%
  • Paul 1.5%
  • Victor 1.5%
  • Robert 1.5%
  • Anthony 1.5%
  • Thomas 1.5%
  • Margaret 1.0%
  • Katherine 1.0%

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[deleted] Family Milko

Here is hypotesis material and that Pankrac was also Pongrac /other variations of surname I have hypotesis are Pongratz.../ confirmed through ownership of castles:

From book of Jan Kalinciak Milko's tomb Fairytales I found in waste basket, because I tried to put out old other type French text-book I found information about Milko, noble, palatin during times of king Matus Trenciansky. Milko was called Milko and he was also called Milko Pankrac, because he was son of Pankrac, having many castles and properties, for example castle Strecno and Stary hrad, which had also Milko. In book of Kalinciak is written also on beginning of book that it are fairy tales and as I also know Alexandre Dumas, also this author uses historical facts and I read that Dumas such many historical facts knowing history /also I read opposite theory about Dumas/, so I suppose Milko was married or had children, not only died fallen love to Maria Dlhohorska, who as engaged to Vladimir, who gave to kill Milko, who was burried It is written in book that Pankrac and Jiskra were more powerful than all members of Hunady house. Pankrac was with Jiskra against king Matus and Milko was for king Matus, later father of Milko, Pankrac, was also on side where his son. Here is also mentioned that Milko stayed on castle Stary hrad and Pankrac went to Nitriansky. Pankrac ruled on right side of Vah, his enemy Vladimir opposite side. Pankrac ruled also to Stary hrad, Podhradie and whole Nitra district from Nove Mesto till Skalica. As I believe that Jan Kalinciak knew he has lack of information, I suppose family Milko comes from this Milko Pankrac or also called Milko.

Here is hypotesis that similar family to Pankrac is family Pongrac. Here are only genealogical information about Pongrac family, more information you can find in book Rodove erby na Slovensku I.

Nariova Kristina 31.10.1604 castle Kisvarda, Hungary-17.2.1641 Sintava, district Galanta, wife of Imrich Thurzo, mother mentioned here are Katarina Vardai and Alzbeta Cobor who made agreement to make their marriage
On the beginning of 16th century Nariovci married to Pongrac and settled in Branc near Nitra, this property was their seat and their predikat - surname, 1533 or 1535 gets title Baron and 1632 and 1655 title Count.

Pongrac Jeremias who died before 1634, about more tribes of Liptov says that their ancestor was Hauk Polko 1230. Straight founder of family is son of Polko's greatgrandson Bohumir II. and it Pongrac I., who lived around 1360. Pongrac family had main properties in Liptovsky Mikulas, from which they take their surname or predikat. In 15. century they came to Trencin district, where 1443 get Starhrad /hungarian Ovar/ and Strecno, near Zilina what is the proof that family Pankrac is the same family as I now research writting this. Is known whole genealogical table and his wife was Katarina Forgac, new literature says that not she, but Judita, who was 1634 widdow, by this is death of Jeremias before 1634. Many other good information is in already mentioned book. Coat of arms is here hypotesis based on coat of arm that were before 1608 barons, 1608 was confirmed as Baron. About coat of arms are in book many hypoteis and genealogical informations also about count and baron title.

My genealogy to Milko see [external link]
Jul 09, 2006 · Reply
[deleted] As I checked internet I found other things about Milko, Milke family, so it is not probably Pongrac.

[external link]
[external link]
Sep 23, 2008 · Reply