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Mogi Surname History

The history of the surname Mogi arises from local languages. When the word "Mogi" has positive connotations such as strong or leafy tree, it will be used by people as their surname in hopes of incorporating that meaning into their lives. In contrast, when "Mogi" has negative connotations such as mosquito or river of snakes or even meaningless, people would not use  'Mogi' as their surname.

The History of 'Mogi' predominantly started in Japan and Minahasa (Indonesia) because it is commonly used by people as their surname. It has spread to all over the world as many members of Mogi family have migrated to other countries such as the USA, New Zealand, and Australia.

The Mogi family name is an old heredity that has spread all across the world over the centuries, and as the name Mogi has migrated, it has evolved making it's origin challenging to uncover. This page is dedicated to a detailed history of the Mogi surname, Mogi origins, and stories of Mogi ancestors. The surname Mogi seems to have originated in the East - in Japan and Indonesia.  The word "mogi" has various meanings in eastern languages - it can mean leafy tree, strong, mosquito, or river of snakes.  Families with the surname Mogi can be found in Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, and Great Britain.

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Mogi Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Countries that use the word "Mogi" the most are Japan, Indonesia, and Brazil. It is because Mogi is comonly used as a surname in both Japan and Indonesia and actually has  a meaning (strong, leafy tree, and imitations). Furthermore, Mogi is also found in Brazil but as the name of a place. The surname 'Mogi' can also be found in Europe (Great Britain) and is used by both Caucasian families and Asian families. In the USA, the surname of 'Mogi' can also be found as there are members of 'Mogi' families both from Minahasa or Japan who have migrated to USA. In Japan, people who have this surname  are mainly Japanese, while people in Minahasa (Manado) (Indonesia) who use this surname are Minahasan. Chinese or other Indonesian aboriginals usually assimilated with the Minahasans (or Japanese during colonial era) and used this surname.

Mogi Meaning & Etymology

In the Far East (Japan), 'Mogi' is comonly defined as leafy tree (模木) or imitation (模擬). In Minahasa (Indonesia), 'Mogi' is defined as strong or has power (empowerment). "Mogi" can also be used as a normal vocabulary or place: In Korean, "Mogi" is defined as mosquito. In Brazil (the Tupi language), 'Mogi' is defined as river of snakes.  

Mogi Life Expectancy

According to our database of 20 people with the last name Mogi that have a birth and death date listed:

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Mogi Family Tree

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Famous People named Mogi

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Most Common Mogi First Names

According to our database of 35 people with the last name Mogi that have a first name listed, these are the most common first names:

  • Maria 14.3%
  • Joseph 14.3%
  • Marc 5.7%
  • Fumio 5.7%
  • Hitoshi 2.9%
  • Ryan 2.9%
  • Misao 2.9%
  • Hitashi 2.9%
  • Milton 2.9%
  • Lucien 2.9%
  • Herbert 2.9%
  • Kokichi 2.9%
  • Jasuhisa 2.9%
  • Max 2.9%
  • Ada 2.9%
  • Daniel 2.9%
  • Somejiro 2.9%
  • Mitsu 2.9%
  • Senji 2.9%
  • Katsuo 2.9%
  • Maxi 2.9%
  • Akiyo 2.9%
  • Lovey 2.9%
  • Nadine 2.9%
  • M 2.9%

Mogi Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

There are two variations in Minahasa, which are Mogi and Mogie. The spelling of Mogie using the letter 'e' is because of the influence of the Dutch language during the colonial era. In Japanese Kanji, Mogi is commonly spelled as 模木 The word Mongi is different to Mogi (Minahasan Language) but both words are used as a surname.

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