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  • Herbert 2.5%
  • Charles 2.5%
  • George 2.5%
  • Richard 2.1%
  • Frank 1.5%
  • Clarence 1.5%
  • Donald 1.5%
  • Eugene 1.5%
  • James 1.5%
  • Clifford 1.5%
  • Yda 1.5%
  • Dorothy 1.5%
  • Helen 1.5%
  • Andrew 1.2%
  • Raymond 1.2%
  • Maurice 1.2%
  • Joseph 1.2%
  • William 1.2%
  • Kenneth 1.2%
  • Roland 0.9%

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Audrey Morang-Burgos I am looking for my two half siblings. Back in 1957 they would have been about 9 and 7 years old, a boy and a girl, which was older is not known by me. My father and father to Richard E. Morang JR. and Russell David Morang left us kids after divorcing my mother, Shirley Louise Bickford-Morang, later Mercurio and married a woman by the name of Gladys. For a time they may have lived in the N.J. area, probably around Newark. My father had been in the military but was discharged after getting shrapnel in the leg or legs about 1945. He had been a projectionist in theaters in civilian life. He had a love for motorcycles in his marriage to my mother Shirley. When he left us kids, we went to live in Maine from Everett, MA to live with his adoptive mother Mabel Morang, adoptive father was Eugene Morang.. Richard E. and Audrey Louise went to live in Brunswick, ME with Mabel Morang and her sister, Minnie Marson on Thompson St., while the other brother went to live with Shirley's parents, Wallace and Ruth Bickford of the Augusta or Gardiner, ME area.
Contact was once about 1949-1951 he came to Brunswick with Gladys to give us, Richard and I, a Christmas gift and to see us. He gave Richard an erector set and myself, Audrey a wooden table and chairs set. We did not hear from him for many years after that until there was a phone call to Kronstrand's across the street. Richard had already joined the air force and I was approximately 10-11 years old. At that time he admitted that he had two children, a boy and a girl, but stated they did not know about us three kids. He also stated he wanted me to go to live with him. When I asked the question whether they knew about us kids and he said no I became suspicious of the offer to go live with him after 10-11 years. But being young and never having a mother or father was desirous of going to live with him and this family. Then my grandmother convinced me it would not be a good thing as he had tried to sell me on the black market as a six month old child to a Jewish family in Everett, MA and she was very scared as to what his intentions were. Was he really going to bring me into his new family after all those years or was there a more sinister reason to have me go there. The next day he called back at another neighbor's house and when he asked me again to go I said I would like to come for two weeks to see if I liked it at which point he became very angry and asked to talk to my Nana. I could hear everything and he called her swears I had never heard to that point and made her cry and then suddenly hung up, really never to be heard from again. He never paid a cent of child support for all three of us and never did anything for us except that one Christmas, and then not for David. I believe he died in 1998 at the age of 77 in Bloomington, Indiana. I have searched long and hard for the siblings to no avail. It appears that he remained married to Gladys and as of a few years ago she may have been in a nursing home in Bloomington. No mention of any kids ever but he was Richard Edward Morang. Born to a mother in Newark, NJ?? according to legend who became alcoholic and died young and he then became an adoptive son of Eugene and Mabel Morang in Everett, MA. Whether he was adopted or was a foster is hard to determine now. He resented my grandmother exceedingly...for what reason I do not know. If anyone knows anything about this and especially about the siblings please contact me at [contact link]. Thanking any and all who might help. It is possible that Gladys is still alive in the nursing home in Bloomington, Ind. but we are not able to find out for sure yet.
Jan 31, 2015 · Reply