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Most Common First Names

  • Leo 3.7%
  • Jessie 3.0%
  • Willie 3.0%
  • Shirley 2.2%
  • Wiley 2.2%
  • Carrie 2.2%
  • Major 2.2%
  • Leroy 2.2%
  • Lonnie 1.5%
  • Robert 1.5%
  • George 1.5%
  • X 1.5%
  • Thomas 1.5%
  • Mary 1.5%
  • Loretha 1.5%
  • Clyde 1.5%
  • Alma 1.5%
  • J 1.5%
  • Frederick 1.5%
  • Viola 0.7%

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Sed Odems I remember when Big Daddy had us crushing cans all summer and would give us 2 maybe 3 dollars for these hug bags of cans everyday. At the end of summer with the last of cans left and the ice cream man coming everybody started rushing trying to finish their portion and I just keep my pace. Well Daddy noticed it and while all the kids were at the ice cream truck getting their ice cream and eating half before the sun started melting it Daddy slip me some money and said got things comes to those who stay focus. So I missed the ice cream truck but had enough to buy a pint from the store. I love him and will always miss him but never will I forget him. Jessie Lil Son Odems.
Feb 17, 2013 · Reply