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  • Mack n. 50.0%
  • William 50.0%

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James O'Fallin The name O'Fallin was changed from O'Fallon and then from Fallon the O in front of Fallon or Fallin means son of, but most all of you of Irish decent should know this. Anyway back around 830 AD there was a man who I have traced back the O'Fallon name to it's Gaelic spelling which I don't have handy but it looks some like O'Falimaha or something like that. Well this guy was the 109th monarch of Meath and he ruled for about 20 years along with 4 other monarchs who divided up Ireland. That was until the Vikings came and tried to invade Ireland. They fought for a few years but in the end Meath fell to the Vikings. This is why you see red haired people in Ireland, they are park Nordic from when the Viking came and raped and plundered the Emerald Island many centuries ago.

From James Paul O'Fallin
Oct 28, 2005 · Reply