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Most Common First Names

  • Suchin 50.0%
  • Chanan kau 50.0%

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Life Expectancy

86.0 years

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Deveshpratapsingh Parihar The Pratiharas, also called the Gurjara-Pratiharas were an Indian dynasty who ruled kingdoms in Rajasthan and northern India from the sixth to the eleventh centuries.

The Pratiharas are generally thought to be descended from the Gurjara clan, who appeared in northern India in the aftermath of the Hephthalite or Huna invasion at the end of the fifth century. Harichandra, a brahmin is said to have laid the foundation of this dynasty in the sixth century . Haricandra line of Pratiharas established the state of Marwar, based at Mandor near modern Jodhpur was known as Gurjara, that grew to dominate Rajasthan. The Pratiharas were said to be from the Agnikula family.Harichandra had two wives one of whom was a Brahmin and the other was a Kshatriyas.The Pratihara kings of Marwar built the temple-city of Osian.
Nov 15, 2005 · Reply
Tamanna Parihar my great [external link] kahan chand parihar.his wife jaya [external link] grandfather tej ram parihar his wife prem devi [external link] father jagdish raj parihar .my mother kanta parihar.
Feb 23, 2010 · Reply