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Pelico Surname History

The correct spelling was Pellico in Italy. Mama and Papa came here at an early age to start a life here and raise a family. Papa's father was Silvio Pellico. A very well known aurther and poet. He wrote plays and taught languages in schools. He was imprison for many years for war crimes and when released he moved to Turin Italy where he later died. 

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Pelico Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Originated in Naples Italy

Pelico Meaning & Etymology

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The meaning of Pelico come may come from a trade, such as the name "Gardener" which was given to people of that profession. Some of these trade-based last names may be a profession in some other language. Because of this it is important to research the ethnicity of a name, and the languages used by its progenitors. Many names like Pelico are inspired by religious texts such as the Bible, the Bhagavadgītā, the Quran, etc. Often these family names relate to a religious sentiment such as "Favored of God".