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June Palmer My great-grandfather, Leander Plemons, was a fairly large, muscular man. He served in the Civil War and was captured. He was in a prisoner camp for a time, but he escaped and returned home. One day there came a man to return him to the camp. It was a young, somewhat scrawny private and he had brought only one horse. So, peace loving as he was, Grandpa Leander submitted to the journey. The plan was that he ride behind the young man on the horse.
They started out and went for some distance. The trail took them into a scope of woods and all was going well. However, Grandpa Leander decided that he did not really wish to go back to the prisoner of war camp but would rather return home, so... He gathered two handfuls of the young man's waistband in his muscular hands and picked the boy up and tossed him to the side of the trail, turned the horse toward home and went back to the house.
No one came to the house after that to take Grandpa back and it was never known what exactly happened to the young boy, or what tale he told about it.
June Laurence Palmer (Leander Plemons' great-granddaughter).
Nov 02, 2004 · Reply