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Most Common First Names

  • Rasmus 2.3%
  • Ole 2.1%
  • John 1.7%
  • Hans 1.3%
  • Robert 1.3%
  • Carl 0.9%
  • Anna 0.9%
  • Lars 0.9%
  • William 0.9%
  • Mary 0.9%
  • James 0.8%
  • Peder 0.8%
  • George 0.8%
  • Peter 0.8%
  • Johan 0.7%
  • Anders 0.7%
  • Marie 0.7%
  • Andreas 0.6%
  • Johannes 0.6%
  • Charles 0.6%

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Jason Richardson Hans Peter Rasmussen Sr.

Hans Peter Rasmussen Sr. a son of Rasmus Poulsen and Kirsten Hansen, was born in Keldernaes, Maribo, Denmark, 8 May 1844. While little is known of his early life, it seems that the family was rather well-to-do. He completed the seven years of required schooling with only two weeks vacation a year. His schoolmaster was a Lutheran minister. Hans was an able student, sincere in all his endeavors. At the age of twelve he began to study the violin and learned to play very well, often composing his own music. He later brought his violin and his musical talent with him to Utah.
As a young man Hans went to the island of Bornholm to work with his uncle in the forests. There he heard of the Mormon missionaries. After investigating their beliefs, he became converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He was baptized on 18 February 1864 by Elder J. Grand.
The Church became very important in his life. He filled a three-year mission in his native country. He had to withstand the criticism and ill will of the Lutheran church, his family, and his associates. He was the only one of his family to break the family traditions and join the Mormon church. At one time, while he and a missionary companion were holding a meeting in a small town, they were threatened by some rough citizens who came in carrying ropes and chains. But Hans Peter, firm in his convictions proceeded to give a very powerful sermon and testimony as to the truthfulness of the gospel. When he had finished, these men quietly left the building.
Hans was a strong, handsome man with flashing black eyes and black hair. He wore no beard as a young man, but combed his hair forward above his ears, making side burns. He had a strong face and firm mouth with the corners turned slightly down.
Hans worked very hard to earn a livelihood and to save enough money to immigrate to Utah. In 1867 he joined a company of fellow Mormon converts and left his homeland, family and friends, never to see them again. Nearly three hundred Scandinavians were in this company. Among them was Anna Maria Andersen, who later became his wife. The company sailed across the North Sea and around to Liverpool, England. Then, on 21 June 1867, they left Liverpool on the steamer Manhattan, under the supervision of Archibald Hill. Many saints from England joined this company.
Jan 31, 2006 · Reply
Jadie Rasmussen there was a wonderful scientist named ms. Rasmussen and she studied the animal life and she made sure the animals were very safe and had plenty of food and water.
May 14, 2007 · Reply