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Most Common First Names

  • Manuel 5.3%
  • Joseph 5.2%
  • Mary 5.1%
  • John 4.8%
  • Maria 2.5%
  • Antone 2.0%
  • Antonio 1.5%
  • William 1.5%
  • Jose 1.3%
  • George 1.2%
  • Frank 1.1%
  • James 1.1%
  • Louis 1.0%
  • Albert 1.0%
  • Rose 0.9%
  • Richard 0.9%
  • Francis 0.8%
  • Alfred 0.8%
  • Arthur 0.8%
  • Robert 0.7%

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Concord Museum - Featuring period rooms and galleries depicting town life and growth for 1635-1890. The collection includes artifacts associated with the beginning of the Revolutionary War, objects used by Thoreau at Walden Pond and the contents of Emerson’s study, as he left it in 1882.

Ralph Waldo Emerson House - The home of the American writer from 1835 to 1882, containing original furnishings and personal memorabilia.

The Old Manse - This historic museum offers guided tours discussing the history of the Emerson-Ripley family of ministers who lived there from 1770 to early this century, Ralph Waldo Emerson, who lived there in 1834 and Nathaniel Hawthorne, who lived there 1842-1845.

Orchard House - The Alcott family home, where Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women in 1868. Tours, children’s workshops, a lecture series and living history programs are offered.

Old North Bridge and Visitor Center - Part of the Minute Man National Historical Park, the area encompasses a portion of the April 19th Battlefield, including the North Bridge. The visitor center offers a video presentation, displays and book shop.

Minute Man Visitor Center - Minute Man National Historical Park - A great place to begin your visit to the park. Orientation and ranger programs, information, bookstore. Newly renovated with all new exhibits.

Battle Road Trail - A 5.5 mile interpretive trail for walking, bicycle or wheelchair follows remnants of the historic road and visits historic houses and natural areas in the Minute Man National Historical Park.

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery - Author’s Ridge Graves of Thoreau, Hawthorne, the Alcotts, Emerson and Daniel Chester French. See website here.

Walden Pond State Reservation - Swimming, boating, fishing and hiking trails. Site of Henry David Thoreau’s cabin. Pets not allowed.

Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge - Bird watching, walking trails, pets on leash welcome.
Nov 11, 2013 · Reply
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Janice Campano Does anyone know the Rego Family that grew up in North Easton, MA?
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