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Updated Apr 16, 2015

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Richard O'Keefe Priscilla Richard was born in Ogdensburg, New York on October 5, 1847 to Louis and Cecile (Nee Brunet) Richard. She was the fifth of nine children. Her parents had come from Canada about 1845. On August 18, 1865 Priscilla married Charles Avon Blondin in Ogdensburg, New York. Priscilla was about 18 and he was 21. She became Mrs. Priscilla Blondin. Charles was born in Canada about 100 miles from Ogdensburg, New York. He moved to Ogdensburg, New York from Coteau du Lac in the Montreal district of Canada about 1863. He was a blacksmith by trade. After the wedding, in 1966 the couple traveled 475 miles probably by train to Cleveland where they would live. According to the 1870 census Priscilla's father was "foreign-born" (Canada) and her mother was from the US.

Charles and Priscilla had 5 children over a twelve-year period. Abbigail or Abbie as she was called was born October 2, 1868. Charles was born September 16, 1871. Louisa which became Louise sometime after she was married was born July 22, 1874. Ellsworth was born June 9, 1878 and Lillian was born April 15, 1881. Lil's father was 37 and Priscilla was 34 when she was born. When Lil was born her sibling's ages were Abbie 12, Charles 9, Louise 6 and Ellsworth almost 3. According to the 1900 and 1910 census, they had another baby who died while still a child.

The family moved frequently, especially in the early years but usually only a short distance staying in the same neighborhood. Although there were times when they lived in the same place for 7 or 11 or 9 years, the annual city directory usually showed them with a new address, more than 23 times. This constant moving must have been hard on Priscilla.

Their oldest daughter, Abbie, married Henry E. Lane on December 27, 1886 when she was 18. The young couple had a daughter, Cecile, born January 17, 1888 but unfortunately the marriage didn't last and their divorce became final on April 23, 1891. Abbie and her daughter, Cecile, moved back to her parent's home and lived with them until after Cecile was grown and married. Charles married Lizzie Mitchell, a girl from the neighborhood, on January 31, 1895 in St. Patrick's Church on Bridge Avenue. However, on February 4, 1903 Charles married Alice Andrews (nee Hudson). Since he was married both times in the Catholic Church, his first wife presumably died. Another of Charles and Priscilla's daughters, Louise, married John Thomas Shaughnessy on May 27, 1896 in St. Patrick's Church on Bridge Avenue in Cleveland when she was 21 years old. Louise and John had five children between 1897 and 1906 but two died as infants. Ellsworth was a talented musician. First giving music lessons, then joining an orchestra in Kenosha, Wisconsin and eventually traveling to Europe to perform. He married once in Wisconsin and once in Illinois. Charles and Priscilla's youngest daughter Lillian never married.

Priscilla died at her home, 3340 W. 120th St., on Sunday, Dec. 4, 1932. Following a Requiem Mass for her on Wednesday, Dec. 7, in St. Vincent De Paul's Catholic Church at 9 a. m, she was buried in Calvary Cemetary section 39 lot 144. She was 85 years old and had been married to Charles for 64 years.
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  • Joseph 3.1%
  • Louis 1.8%
  • Pierre 1.8%
  • John 1.6%
  • Charles 1.5%
  • Mary 1.1%
  • Jeanne 1.0%
  • William 1.0%
  • Claude 1.0%
  • Antoine 1.0%
  • François 1.0%
  • James 0.9%
  • Robert 0.9%
  • Paul 0.9%
  • George 0.7%
  • Albert 0.6%
  • Edward 0.6%
  • Jacques 0.5%
  • Marguerite 0.5%
  • Henry 0.5%
  • Louise 0.5%
  • Catherine 0.5%
  • Anne 0.5%
  • Henri 0.5%
  • Raymond 0.5%
  • Auguste 0.4%
  • David 0.4%
  • Ernest 0.4%
  • Thomas 0.4%
  • Arthur 0.4%
  • Jules 0.4%
  • Alfred 0.4%
  • Fredrik 0.4%
  • Claudine 0.4%
  • Françoise 0.4%
  • Etienne 0.3%
  • Michael 0.3%
  • Margaret 0.3%
  • Anna 0.3%
  • Victor 0.3%
  • Helen 0.3%
  • Emile 0.3%
  • Donald 0.3%
  • Frank 0.3%
  • Elizabeth 0.3%
  • André 0.3%
  • Walter 0.3%
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