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Most Common First Names

  • Giovanni 9.1%
  • Ronald 9.1%
  • Male 4.5%
  • Sabina 4.5%
  • John 4.5%
  • Eleonora 4.5%
  • Antonie 4.5%
  • Lucien 4.5%
  • Joseph 4.5%
  • Ernest 4.5%
  • Josephine 4.5%
  • Annetta 4.5%
  • Filomena 4.5%
  • Clara 4.5%
  • Janice 4.5%
  • James 4.5%
  • Marie 4.5%
  • Filippo 4.5%
  • Sairno 4.5%
  • Antasia 4.5%

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Francesco Rinoldi Sulle rive della Dardagna(storia della famiglia Rinoldi): [external link]=Storia della famiglia Rinoldi. Look online.
A family probably originary of the North Europe went in a small village of high Italy,Caneva di Tolmezzo,in the XVIII century(mille e settecento) and
day by day ,after some difficulty,they built up a skin's workshop and one of the first electric centrals of the area.
The family enriched herself of descendants- and in a material way- and in the first decades of the Novecento was one of the egemonic family of Caneva about,monopolizing a stream,the"Dardagna" for to move the turbines to have electric force and to work the skinsand winning a contest for to have the exclusive license of the Electric Providers.
The burocratic Federico,the ethereal and cold Maria Bevilacqua ,his wife,the bubbly Cirillo,many sisters ,Lady(Siore) Rosine,the extroverted lawyer Giovannino,her son,and many other personnages are represented in this"saga" paesana(country odissey),in a short way(60 pages's front ) since the 1768 till the 1964 about.Updates coming ASAP.
All rights reserved,Francesco Rinoldi 1997.
Aug 18, 2013 · Reply