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Most Common First Names

  • Mary 3.8%
  • Edward 3.8%
  • Roy 3.8%
  • Ralph 3.8%
  • James 3.8%
  • John 3.8%
  • Dora 2.5%
  • Charles 2.5%
  • Lawrence 2.5%
  • Roger 2.5%
  • Barbara 2.5%
  • Oscar 2.5%
  • Anna 2.5%
  • Jesse 2.5%
  • Helen 2.5%
  • Woodrow 2.5%
  • Kenneth 2.5%
  • Frank 2.5%
  • Harvey 1.3%
  • Wm 1.3%

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Wanda Roleson My paternal grandfather landed in New York, April 3, 1911. He emigrated from Northern Denmark, his destination listed as Dundee, New York. His older brother also arrived with him, and his destination on the ship's manifest was also listed as Dundee, NY. My grandfather stayed in the US, but his brother returned to Denmark. We do not know why Dundee was their destination, whether we had family that came over previously.My Grandfather's name was Kristen Poulsen, but he changed his name to Fred Roleson after settling in the US. Through genealogy, I was able to trace family in Denmark. A cousin told me that when Danes pronounce Poulsen, it sounds like Roleson. I am wondering if any one with the surname Roleson can tell me if they had relatives in Dundee, NY, who may have come from Denmark. My grandfather moved northwest to Minnesota, and then settled in South Dakota, where he died in 1950. Grasping at straws, wondering if anyone with the uncommon Roleson surname has more info, and why Kristen Poulsen became Fred Roleson... also if there are relatives in the US..................................Wanda Roleson
Feb 10 · Reply