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Roveda Surname History

ROVEDA early origins

The origins of the name ROVEDA  are from ancient Hungarian culture.

In old Hungary, prior to many Language Reforms, the alphabet used was ROVAS.

Rovas was a compound language from the merging of the Runic Alphabet from Germany and archaic Aramaic Script.

In the Rovas alphabet, a person whom was literate was called  ROVEDA.

In order to establish cultural position, people who were literate started adopting  the Adjective as a Family name, thus creating the last name.

Numerous Hungarian families lived in Austria which, by bordering territories, led to immigration to Italy.

Once in Italy, several families holding the last name Roveda were

mandatorily converted from Judaism to Catholicism.

With the political separation of Austria and Hungary, Ashkenazi  families that left

Hungary to live in Austria began using common German last names and began

using Roveda as a first name to somehow keep the family bond.

Nowadays, the name is still encountered in scattered

Ashkenazi Austrian communities, such as in small areas of Argentina.


This ROVEDA history and genealogy page contains the contributed history of the Roveda surname uploaded from researched content from other users articles about the Roveda family. The Roveda family name is an old heredity that for many generations has spread all across the world.

Roveda Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Hungary and or Old Austrian Hungarian Empire. Primarlily Hungary and Austria. Followed by Germany and Italy. Ashkenazi Western European.

Roveda Meaning & Etymology

It means LITERATE in Hungarian.

Roveda Life Expectancy

According to our database of 28 people with the last name Roveda that have a birth and death date listed:

Life Expectancy


Most Common Roveda First Names

According to our database of 59 people with the last name Roveda that have a first name listed, these are the most common first names:

  • Jean 11.9%
  • Rosine 3.4%
  • Pietro 3.4%
  • Riccardo 3.4%
  • Virgilio 3.4%
  • Jeanne 3.4%
  • Pierre 3.4%
  • Marguerite 3.4%
  • Lorenzo 1.7%
  • Colobano 1.7%
  • Ester 1.7%
  • Kay 1.7%
  • John 1.7%
  • Stela 1.7%
  • Franco 1.7%
  • Carlo 1.7%
  • Domenica 1.7%
  • Helisabethe 1.7%
  • Antonio 1.7%
  • Karissa 1.7%
  • Paul 1.7%
  • Bruno 1.7%
  • Catherine 1.7%
  • Remo 1.7%
  • Marie 1.7%
  • Freda 1.7%
  • Ann 1.7%
  • Harold 1.7%
  • Elizabeth 1.7%
  • Clotilde 1.7%
  • James 1.7%
  • Joseph 1.7%
  • Constance 1.7%
  • Evelyn 1.7%
  • Giuseppe 1.7%
  • Felicia 1.7%
  • Louise 1.7%
  • Jose 1.7%
  • Caterina 1.7%
  • Dante 1.7%
  • Rose 1.7%
  • Clemence 1.7%
  • Ida 1.7%
  • Lawrence 1.7%
  • Rinaldo 1.7%
  • Joe 1.7%

Roveda Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

Roveda, Rovedaa, Rovenblatt, Rovenstein, Rovensmann, Rovewittz, Rovenbaum, Rovenberg, Rovenfeld.

Last names similar to Roveda

Rovedalen, Rovedas, Rovedatti, Rovedattu, Rovedazzi, Roveder, Rovedo, Rovee, Roveels, Roveen, Roveera, Rovegeno, Rovegino, Roveglia, Rovegn, Rovegna, Rovegne, Rovegni, Rovegnia, Rovegnio

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