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Salazar Surname History

Salazar, sometimes spelled as Salasar, is a Basque surname meaning old hall (from Castilian Sala (hall) and Basque zahar (old)).[citation needed] The name originates from the town of the same name: Salazar, in northern BurgosCastile. Although nowadays northern Burgos is not a Basque-speaking region, it was during the early Middle Ages when the surname appeared.

Its origins are also related to a certain noble family, the Salazars, that held a fief in the area.[1] During the 10th century, the surname appears as mentioned in Navarre, where it spread and there even exists aSalazar Valley. It later also spread to the rest of the Basque Country, being specially common in Biscay during the 15th century. During that time, Lope García de Salazar, a famous writer, took part in theReconquista of Cuenca, where he was granted a fief and founded a notable family. Some of his descendants took part in the Conquest of America, thus spreading the surname all through the Spanish Americas; others intermarried many noble families, and the surname spread all through the Iberian peninsula.

Salazar is also a common surname among Roma people and conversos.[1] Due to several censuses made in the Kingdom of Castile during the 14th and 15th centuries, every Castilian subject was forced to take a name and two surnames. Gypsies and Jewish Castillians, that used to call themselves only by a first name, decided to take surnames to add prestige to their families. They often chose surnames from among the oldest and most prestigious noble families, usually of Basque origin, thus it is extremely common to find gypsies with surnames such as Heredia, Salazar, Mendoza or Montoya.


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Salazar Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Country of origin Is Spain.

Salazar Meaning & Etymology

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The meaning of Salazar come may come from a profession, such as the name "Dean" which may have been adopted by members of the clergy. Some of these profession-based family names may be a profession in another language. Because of this it is good to research the country of origin of a name, and the languages spoken by its ancestors. Many western names like Salazar originate from religious texts like the Quran, the Bhagavadgītā, the Bible, and so forth. Commonly these family names relate to a religious phrase such as "Grace of God".

Salazar Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

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Researching spelling variations and alternate spellings of the Salazar family name are important to understanding the history of the name. In the past, when few people knew how to write, names such as Salazar were transcribed based on their pronunciation when people's names were recorded in public records. This could have resulted in misspellings of Salazar. Family names like Salazar vary in how they're spelled as they travel across tribes, family unions, and countries across time.

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