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Early Sasses

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Most Common First Names

  • John 2.8%
  • William 2.3%
  • Mary 1.8%
  • Carl 1.6%
  • Charles 1.5%
  • Anna 1.5%
  • Joseph 1.4%
  • Marie 1.3%
  • Frank 1.2%
  • Henry 1.2%
  • Edward 1.1%
  • Robert 1.1%
  • Johann 1.0%
  • George 0.9%
  • Louis 0.9%
  • Fred 0.9%
  • Helen 0.8%
  • Albert 0.7%
  • Walter 0.7%
  • Maria 0.7%

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Georgina Sass Hi my name is Gina Sass. I was wondering on where my Sass family is no adays... It's been about 15 years since the last time I saw my parents and sister. but I am wonderin on how the rest of the family is doin and where they are in their own lives.? I talk to my mom and dad and sister too, my brother as well but not for a long time.My grandfather had past away and some of them live in the states and here in Canada... If you are family ....ummmm, holla I've been thinkin of how the rest of my family is doin ... thanks for whom reads this ok ...Gina
Jul 17, 2009 · Reply