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Name Origin

Nationality & Ethnicity

Early Savanders

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Most Common First Names

  • Birgit 10.4%
  • Marja-liisa 6.3%
  • Betty 4.2%
  • Per 4.2%
  • James 4.2%
  • Lewis 4.2%
  • Elin 4.2%
  • Cecilia marja 4.2%
  • Oliver 2.1%
  • Evert otto henrik 2.1%
  • Antoinette 2.1%
  • Ida 2.1%
  • Sadie 2.1%
  • Kaliyha 2.1%
  • Alexander 2.1%
  • Mary 2.1%
  • Charlie 2.1%
  • Henrik johan 2.1%
  • Jeanette 2.1%
  • Edith mathilda 2.1%

Savander Death Records & Life Expectancy

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Birgit Savander I come from a generation Priest.

A son AJ Alexander Savander and his wife Caroline from Sr Lanka
both their fathers name is Jan-Olov, both died of cancer,
lived the same street and the same profession.

My little brother Harri Peltoniemi found dead in his farm in 2011.

My half sister Cecilia R Savander and daughter kalihya with husband Christian from Ghana. her father from Tanzania and science can Imauel A Luguscha.

My mother Marja-Liisa Savander she has had art exhibitions in the county with fine recenstioner. my father A Aulis G Peltoniemi village names are bought before they came from America, emigrated Sweden 1700's to America. My father was a merchant and sold the furniture here in Sweden produced by cousin's factory in Finland. Fontal car collided year 1070th.

Grandpa Lauri Savander Cement Fabrikörsvillan disappeared in "World War, Finland and left his wife Nelly with three daughters, Marja-Liisa, Sirkka, Eva. Marja-Liisa was supposed to go to France trained as a decorator but met my father in Kouvla Finland. She as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe and a bar nicknamed Marly.
When she was 15 she ran away from Finland with my dad to Sweden where I was born.

My dad did his military service in Finland, even though he lived in Sweden. Both were Finland citizens. I have worked as a teacher for refugees. Trained also in Art School also Economic courses. Trained dogs also showed them a dog show. Joined wolves education, district representative of Sweden to the race club. Put even the board of the Judo club in town for a while. Also attended Art School and also enjoyed the show ... but can not make a living at art even my Russian is still under recenstionerna. So, not painted more after that.Even educated Prophet, singer and miracles, signs, wonders, healing follows me see, [external link]

Christian leaders became demonic saw great things God has done for me.
A barrier but believe in Favor and Blessings depending on what Jesus did at the Cross, I have seen Jesus, too.

I photograph Angels Heaven
I'm going to MC Donalds for Preaching about Jesus.
God Bless
Oct 20, 2012 · Reply