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Siepermann Bios

Find records of Siepermanns by their first name:

Most Common First Names

  • Wilhelm 10.5%
  • Leonard 10.5%
  • Otto 10.5%
  • Heinrich 5.3%
  • Paul 5.3%
  • Fredri 5.3%
  • Max 5.3%
  • Bernard 5.3%
  • Lydia 5.3%
  • Hans 5.3%
  • Maria 5.3%
  • Eugene 5.3%
  • Helen 5.3%
  • Catherine 5.3%
  • Richard 5.3%
  • Tillie 5.3%

Siepermann Last Name History & Origin


Name Origin

Nationality & Ethnicity

Early Siepermanns

These are the earliest records we have of the Siepermann family.

Siepermann Death Records & Life Expectancy

According to our database of 9 people with the last name Siepermann that have a birth and death date listed:

Life Expectancy

71.3 years

Oldest Siepermanns

These are the longest-lived members of the Siepermann family on AncientFaces.

Other Siepermann Records



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Bob Mickert My great-grandfathers name was Fred Siepermann, He emigrated to the United states in the 1800's and settled in Brooklyn New York where he owned a roofing business. I believe he came from the Wuppertal area in northern Germany. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who believes there may be a family connection.

Bob Mickert
Great Falls Virginia USA
Nov 12, 2012 · Reply