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Snitch Surname History

The Snitch family seems to have originated in Blunham, England. The original meaning of the name (regardless of current connotations) is unknown.  While this family is English, members of the family have emigrated to the United States of America, Australia, and Canada.  There is a Snitch family website in England but adding your information about the family here will help add to the body of knowledge about the Snitch family.

The family history of the Snitch last name is maintained by the AncientFaces community. Join the community by adding to to this genealogy of the Snitch:

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Snitch Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

The earliest record of the family name Snitch can be found in Blunham, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.  There was research done by a company called Nameswell which stated that it is almost certainly a British name.  More details can be found by visiting my web site [external link] The nationality of the family name Snitch was originally English.  The decendants of these ancestors have now migrated to Australia, the United States of America, and Canada. 

Snitch Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of the surname Snitch has not been found to date, although a company known as Nameswell has researched the meaning and has not come up with a definitive conclusion.  Their findings can be found on [external link]

Snitch Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

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In times when literacy was uncommon, names such as Snitch were written down based on how they sounded when people's names were recorded in court, church, and government records. This could have led to misspellings of Snitch. Knowing misspellings and spelling variations of the Snitch surname are important to understanding the history of the name. Surnames like Snitch transform in how they're written as they travel across villages, family unions, and languages across time.

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Famous People named Snitch

Some of the well-known people who have/had the surname Snitch:

  • There was a John Snitch born in 1627 in a village called Potton, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom who started a charity for the young men of the village to pay for them to become apprentices.
  • There was a Thomas Snitch born 1887 in Lincolnshire who emigrated to Canada on 15th June 1925 aged 38.  Thomas was the Diesel engineer on the first non-stop train to travel accross Canada in a record breaking 67 hours. 



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