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Spinogatti Surname History

The Association "Genealogia Meridionale" is taking care of studying the story of Spinogatti family.

Spinogatti surname is typical of Guardiagrele, a town in Chieti province of Abruzzo (Italy).

The ancient history of this family is yet to be discovered, in fact the first information available about full families dates back to “only” the middle of the eighteenth century, the period in which the “Catasto Onciario dell’università di Guardiagrele in Abruzzo Citra” was drafted. This document was a precursor of modern cadastres, ordered by king Charles III of Borbone that ruled the kingdom in that period; it is possible to identify four family groups (named “fuochi”, fireplaces, because this was the unifying place of the family) in which at least one family member due to Spinogatti people lived in. Most recent documents, such as civil records, deeds, church records, immigration records, etc.. can be used to reconnect the modern descendants of those "firsts" Spinogatti.

There are traces of others Spinogattis, living in Abruzzo as well, also in notary records of XVII Century.

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Spinogatti Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

Spinogatti surname has origins in Italy. Currently the Spinogattis are distributed worldwide in the following locations (in order of numerousness): Chieti province in Italy (most of them in Guardiagrele town); United States of America (mostly in New York and Pennsylvania states, others in New Jersey and Massachusetts, and only few in Rhode Island, Florida, California, Nevada, Oregon); Rome, Italy; Pescara and province of Pescara, Italy; Argentina; other locations across Europe (e.g. Belgium). 

Spinogatti Meaning & Etymology

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The meaning of Spinogatti come may come from a profession, such as the name "Archer" which was given to people who were bowmen. Some of these trade-based surnames can be a profession in another language. Because of this it is useful to research the nationality of a name, and the languages spoken by its ancestors. Many western names like Spinogatti are inspired by religious texts like the Bhagavadgītā, the Quran, the Bible, etc. Often these family names relate to a religious expression such as "From the ash tree".

Spinogatti Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

Antique variations are "Spinagatti" and "Spinagatto".  Mispelled citations in historic newspapers are frequent. Immigrants to the USA could have sometimes changed the surname with "Spinelli". 

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